Wife of ex-Mexican president announces run for presidency

June 15, 2015

06/15/15 Reuters


The wife of former Mexican President Felipe Calderon, Margarita Zavala, said on Sunday she would seek to emulate her husband by running for the presidency in 2018, and left open the prospect of staging an independent bid.

A former congresswoman for the center-right National Action Party (PAN), Zavala made a broad appeal across the political spectrum in a spartan two-minute video, saying she would work to improve the economy and the rule of law in Mexico.

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U.S. Issues “Emergency Message” For Americans As Protests Escalate In Mexico’s Oaxaca State

June 5, 2015

06/05/15 Forbes

oaxacaOn Wednesday, the U.S. Embassy in Mexico issued an “Emergency Message” warning  U.S. citizens in the Mexican Southern State of Oaxaca to keep away from mass demonstrations and exercise caution in anticipation of Sunday’s volatile mid-term elections.

In a message to Americans living or visiting Oaxaca, a state known for its indigenous cultures and pre-Hispanic crafts, the U.S. Embassy warned that “mass demonstrations are currently taking place in Oaxaca” and that “protesters entered the Oaxaca airport” forcing suspension of  incoming and outgoing flights Wednesday.

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Can Mexico’s Electoral Authority Stop Criminal Funding?

May 11, 2015

5/11/2015 InSight Crime

voting mexicoMexico is weeks away from a landmark midterm election, but many analysts worry that the nation’s electoral authorities are dropping the ball as far as criminal organizations financing their preferred candidates.

On June 7, Mexico will elect the entire lower house of congress, nine governorships, and local offices in more than half the country. While the Senate and the presidency are not in play, it is the most important date in the electoral calendar prior to the 2018 election.

Against that backdrop, some analysts are worried that the nation’s campaign regulatory agency, the National Electoral Institute (INE), is not doing enough to prevent the flow of money stemming from organized crime into candidates’ campaign war chests. Jesus Tovar Mendoza, the Executive Director of the think tank Red de Estudios sobre la Calidad de la Democracia en America Latina, recently complained to E-Consulta that the statutes enforced by the INE are insufficient.

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For more analysis on Mexico’s 2015 midterm elections, visit the Mexico Institute’s 2015 Elections Guide.

Upcoming Event! Mexico’s Midterm Elections and the Peña Nieto Administration

May 11, 2015

Collage only_MonochromeWHEN: Monday, May 18, 9:30-11:00am

WHERE: 6th Floor Auditorium, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

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The Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute is pleased to invite you to an event on Mexico’s 2015 midterm elections. On June 7, 2015, more than 86 million Mexicans will have the opportunity to elect 500 federal deputies, 17 state-level legislatures, 9 governors, and more than 300 mayors. This new cohort of legislators will replace the group that approved the major reforms proposed by President Enrique Peña Nieto during the first year of his administration. The new Chamber of Deputies will be crucial for the second half of Peña Nieto’s term in office; finding room for negotiation may prove increasingly difficult as the presidential succession nears.

These elections represent a battle in which the PRI seeks to stay strong despite the President’s low approval ratings. Meanwhile, the PAN and the PRD are trying to overcome internal divisions and emerge stronger. The PRD’s internal challenges became external with the recent founding of MORENA, led by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, which is emerging as a viable option for voters on the left. In fact, MORENA will be competing head to head with the Green Party (PVEM) to be the fourth national political force.


Denise Dresser
Political Analyst and Professor, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México

Luis Carlos Ugalde
Director General, Integralia Consultores


Duncan Wood
Director, Mexico Institute, Wilson Center

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Want to know more about Mexico’s midterm elections? Visit the Mexico Institute’s 2015 Election Guide.

Infographic: Local Elections in 2015 in Mexico

April 14, 2015

During the 2015 elections in Mexico, 17 states will renew governorships, municipalities, and/or local congresses. Outcomes at the local level could change the political map of the country. This infographic illustrates the states that will hold local elections in 2015, as well as the type of election each will hold.

For more news and analysis on the 2015 midterm elections, check out the Mexico Institute’s 2015 Elections Guide: https://mexicoinstituteonelections2015.wordpress.com/

Local elections map

Click here to view the infographic. 

Governing Parties at the State-Level in Mexico

April 9, 2015

Outcomes of the 2015 local-level elections in Mexico could change the political map of the country as some parties could be strengthened and others weakened. With the parties entering their two-month campaign season, this infographic takes a look at the current representation of parties at the state level.

For more news and analysis on the 2015 midterm elections, check out the Mexico Institute’s 2015 Elections Guide:https://mexicoinstituteonelections2015.wordpress.com/

Current governors mapClick here to see the infographic.

Infographic: The 2015 Election

April 8, 2015

Federal and local campaigns began Sunday, April 5, in Mexico. With the parties entering their two-month campaign season, this infographic takes a look at the current representation of parties in the Chamber of Deputies.

For more news and analysis on the 2015 midterm elections, check out the Mexico Institute’s 2015 Elections Guide.

Chamber of Deputies To see a larger version of the infographic, click here.


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