Child labour in Mexico

08/20/16 Al Jazeera

education - school children“Education for everyone” has been a popular slogan since the Mexican revolution over 100 years ago.

But according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, eight out of 100 Mexican children who enroll in elementary school, do not show up for classes.

While barely 50 complete middle school, 20 graduate from high school, 13 get a bachelor’s degree, and only two become graduate students.

A study released by UNESCO last year says the children who don’t attend school are mostly working. The report reveals that at least 21 percent of all Mexican youth between the ages of seven and 14 drop out of school – that’s around 651,000 children.

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Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim’s Foundation Launches Free Online Educational App

06/16/2016 Forbes

slimAs part of his philosophy that philanthropic foundations do not solve poverty but knowledge does, Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim Helú launched, a free online educational platform aimed at expanding opportunities to anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection, his foundation announced Wednesday.

“This is an important achievement for Mexico and can be a model for other nations,” Slim said during a press conference at his Museo Soumaya in Mexico City, according to Uno TV, Slim’s online TV news channel.


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Mexico to Rely on Financial Tools to Boost Investment

9/2/2015 Wall Street Journal

financeMEXICO CITY—Days before Mexico’s government unveils the most austere budget in years because to falling oil prices, President Enrique Peña Nieto has decided to rely on new financial tools to boost investment in such key sectors as education, infrastructure and energy.

“Mexico will be developing innovative financial instruments that will allow us to capture more capital flows…and to direct them to infrastructure projects,” said Mr. Peña Nieto in his annual state of the nation address Wednesday at the National Palace.

In his speech, Mr. Peña Nieto said the government will be issuing education infrastructure bonds to obtain from investors around $3 billion in the next three years to help improve public schools. The funds will complement education budgets.

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Mexico Temporarily Cancels Teacher Testing in Oaxaca, Michoacan

06/22/15 Telesur

oaxacaThe Mexican Secretariat for Public Education (SEP) announced Sunday it has suspended the teacher evaluations in the states of Oaxaca and Michoacan, saying “the necessary conditions” were not in place for the process to go ahead. The decision follows a series of protests and boycott threats by the teacher’s of the CNTE union, which staunchly opposes the proposed evaluation process. Authorities said the evaluations were conducted as planned in other states of Mexico like Chiapas and Guerrero, where dissident teachers also advised they would attempt to disrupt the process.

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Mexico drops certification requirement for US-schooled kids

06/16/15 Associated Press

— Mexico on Monday enacted a measure meant to help hundreds of thousands of young migrants who have returned from the United States, dropping a requirement that they provide government-certified, translated copies of foreign school records in order to study in Mexico.

Mexico had required records be certified with a seal known as an apostille and be translated by a certified translator in Mexico.

The costly and cumbersome process had discouraged hundreds of thousands of returning migrant children from going to school in Mexico, or meant they could only audit courses without official recognition. Hundreds of thousands of children have returned to Mexico, mainly from the United States, after their parents were deported or chose to return.

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Mexico: Public Outcry Over Unsolved 2009 Day Care Fire, 49 Kids Died

6/3/15  NBC News

It has been almost six years sinchildren northern Mexico credit Kelly Donlance the deadly day care fire in Hermosillo, Mexico that took 49 children’s lives and left another 100 injured. Actors and actresses have volunteered their voices to the families of the children and activists, and a new video this week has been released in hopes of raising awareness of the tragedy, which has gone unsolved.

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Mexico takes gamble on suspending key pillar of education reform

6/2/15 Financial Times

Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto and first lady Angelica Rivera salute during the military parade celebrating Independence Day at the Zocalo square in downtown Mexico CityThe Mexican government’s decision to bow to pressure from a dissident teachers’ union ahead of midterm elections that the president admits are a referendum on his rule is a political gamble that could undermine, not boost, its battered credibility.

The education ministry made the surprise announcement on Friday that it was putting teacher testing — a key pillar of the government’s much-vaunted education reform, as well as a constitutional requirement — on ice indefinitely. “This is a government that is terrified of the short term,” said Carlos Elizondo, a political analyst. “It is a sign of weakness.”

The SNTE teachers’ union, the largest in Latin America, is backing the reforms, and running ad campaigns praising ordinary teachers for their commitment and professionalism under the slogan “these are the teachers we should be talking about”. The CNTE teachers’ union, by contrast, makes headlines for its belligerent tactics, strikes and marches.

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