Mexican cartels increasing presence in Colombia: attorney general

03/15/2018 Reuters

drug dog sniffing suitcaseThe growing presence of Mexican drug cartels in Colombia and their alliances with local gangs are a threat to the Andean country’s national security, the attorney general said on Thursday.

Colombian authorities have long grappled with the presence of foreign criminal groups like Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel, which buy Colombian cocaine from local gangs and ship it north to the United States and Europe.

“It has been clearly identified by the attorney general’s office, and we’ve informed the national government, of a growing presence of Mexican cartels,” attorney general Nestor Humberto Martinez told journalists. “We have to banish them because they are a threat to national security.”

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Mexico judge rules arrest of alleged cartel boss was illegal

02/21/2018 The Washington Post

Mexican Supreme CourtA judge in Mexico ruled Wednesday that this week’s arrest of an alleged top drug cartel boss in a city bordering Texas was illegal.

The Federal Judiciary Council said in a statement that prosecutors had sought to have the Feb. 19 arrest upheld, saying he was detained while speeding in an SUV in the northern city of Matamoros, across from Brownsville.

However his defense presented video recordings from security cameras at his house showing marines arriving at the residence, entering and extracting the suspect. They also showed marines removing the SUV from its parking spot inside the property.

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Mexican candidate: government erred in not going after arms

02/21/2018 ABC News

Mexican Finance Minister Jose Antonio Meade attends a conference marking the International Day of Family Remittances 2017 in Mexico City
Mexican Finance Minister Jose Antonio Meade attends a conference marking the International Day of Family Remittances 2017 in Mexico City, Mexico June 16, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Jasso

Ruling-party presidential candidate Jose Antonio Meade said Wednesday the Mexican government made a mistake by focusing more on seizing drugs headed for the United States than on weapons headed into Mexico.

Meade said that if he wins the July 1 election he would focus more on inspecting vehicles coming into Mexico and better training for police.

Homicides in Mexico rose by 27 percent between 2016 and 2017. Its homicide rate was 20.5 per 100,000 inhabitants in 2017, compared to 19.4 in 2011, the peak year of Mexico’s drug war. Most of those killings involved guns, many smuggled in from the United States.

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Mexico cartel holds two special agents hostage

02/12/2018 BBC News

mexico flagTwo members of a special investigative police force who disappeared in Mexico a week ago have been shown in a video posted on YouTube.

The two agents from the Criminal Investigation Agency appear sitting in front of five masked men who force them at gunpoint to read a statement.

The armed men are believed to be members of the Jalisco New Generation cartel.

The cartel has been expanded rapidly and aggressively across Mexico.

Mexico’s Attorney General Raul Cervantes recently declared it the nation’s largest criminal organisation and it has been blamed for a series of attacks on Mexican security forces and public officials.

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‘Impunity has consequences’: the women lost to Mexico’s drug war

12/8/2016 The Guardian 

drug_war_02Lizbeth Amores dropped off her son at her mother’s house before heading to a house party with her friend Verenice Guevara. They were last seen at a bar popular with local gangsters.

The following night, María de Jesús Marthen was among a dozen or so young women invited to a private party at a ranch about an hour east of the city centre. On her way to the event, Marthen messaged her boyfriend, pleading for help.

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Getting away with murder in Mexico

11/2/16 Al Jazeera

gun - crime sceneEvery November 2, Mexicans mark the Day of the Dead by honouring deceased loved ones.

Given the disproportionate number of deaths produced by Mexico’s US-backed drug war, officially launched in 2006, it is starting to seem like an ever-more tragically appropriate tradition.

In a recent investigative piece for The Nation, Dawn Paley details the “spectacular violence” that has accompanied the drug war project.

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Mexico drug lord Joaquin Guzman ‘fears for his sanity’

10/25/16 BBC News

el chapo
Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán

Jailed Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman “fears he could lose his mind” before the end of the year, his partner Emma Coronel says.

He is watched constantly by three masked guards, even when he uses the toilet, his partner says.

Ms Coronel complained to the National Human Rights Commission about Guzman’s living conditions.

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