Enemy of Mexico’s drug cartels

Financial Times, 11/23/2012

Time started running out for María Gorrostieta almost as soon as she was elected mayor of Tiquicheo, a rural district southwest of Mexico City, in 2008. The area, much of it tangled with tropical vegetation, hosts wild boar, possums, coyotes and even jaguars. But it is also home to opium, cannabis, methamphetamine laboratories and the people who sell the produce – ruthless drug cartels.
Gorrostieta’s no-nonsense manner and, above all, her courage in the face of persistent threats, proved too much of an obstacle for the region’s narcotics mafia. Last week her corpse was discovered lying at a roadside.

Calderón and Uribe agree on detention of drug traffickers (in Spanish)

La Reforma, 1/30/2009

uribeThe Colombian President, Alvaro Uribe, warned that the Colombian and Mexican governments agreed to pursue criminals in a reciprocal manner.

He explained that the subject was discussed during his meeting with Mexican President, Felipe Calderón, at the annual meeting of the Global Economic Forum.

“We agreed to capture criminals in Mexico that are sought by Colombian authorities and to capture in Colombia those who the Mexican authorities are pursuing.”

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