Mexico: time to boost domestic demand

shopping in super marketFinancial Times, 4/22/13

If there were ever any proof of the need for structural economic reform in Mexico, you could do worse than to look at February’s retail sales, which came in far below expectations.

On Monday, the government’s statistics agency reported that sales were down 0.1 per cent in February compared with the previous month in seasonally adjusted terms, and a chilling 2.6 per cent down on figures for the same month last year. HSBC had predicted a 1 per cent increase, and Banamex, Citi’s Mexico arm, had expected a 0.5 per cent increase). All in all, that is the worst year-on-year fall in more than three years. So what’s going on?

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Op-ed: Mexico should take a more active stance on US immigration reform

Luis Rubio
Luis Rubio

By Luis Rubio, The Christian Science Monitor, 4/17/13

The Mexican government cannot afford the luxury of ignoring what is happening on immigration reform in the big and powerful North. And yet, it has taken a passive attitude. There are good historical reasons for this, but not a good one today.

Within the Mexican government as well as in Mexican society at large there are two clearly differentiated positions vis-à-vis the immigration debate in the United States. Some people consider the migratory theme an internal matter of the US and some consider it a matter of national interest for Mexico. The former would prefer to put on blinders; the latter would embark upon a crusade. Each has relevant arguments to support their claim.

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Passengers on Mexican domestic flights have tripled since 1989 – #MexFacts

MexFact - Domestic flights

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