Photos: Mexico Night at Biennial of the Americas

IMG_4475Denver Post, 7/18/2013

The Biennial is a five-day international event that provides a platform for leaders in business, government and the arts to examine the issues affecting life in the Americas. The event will bring to Denver 10 CEOs from companies that employ 300,000, as well as several dozen artists, architects and others from the arts.

Photos from Mexico Night at Civic Center Park in Denver on Thursday, July 18, 2013. The celebration was part of the Biennial of the Americas, which is billed as an international festival of ideas, art, and culture.

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A College Lifts a Hurdle for Illegal Immigrants

The New York Times, 8/18/12

Monday is the first day of the school year for Metropolitan State University of Denver, a compact, urban campus in the heart of the city’s downtown.

It also signifies the dawn of a controversial new policy for this institution of 24,000. Among the crowd of students who will show up for class next week are dozens of illegal immigrants who, as part of a specially tailored tuition rate, can now qualify for a reduced fee if they live in Colorado.

The new rate, approved by the university’s board of trustees in June, has garnered praise from immigrant rights advocates here who have tried for years to get legislation passed that would allow state colleges to offer discounted tuition to local, illegal immigrant students.

But the policy has also drawn the ire of conservatives who are threatening to sue the university to keep the rate from being put in place and have accused Metro State of openly defying Colorado law.

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35 accused of shipping drugs from Juarez to Denver

The Washington Post, 11/8/2010

Gang members, a retired Denver firefighter and a college team coach were among 35 people accused of transporting more than 40 pounds of cocaine from Mexico to the Denver area every week, federal officials said Monday.

Officials said the drug ring’s source was the Sinaloa cartel, which is in a bloody turf war with the Juarez cartel in Ciudad Juarez, a northern Mexican border city. At least 20 people died in drug-gang violence over the weekend there.

Despite the international supplier, authorities described the operation as “homegrown,” with all 35 defendants involved in distributing cocaine in the Denver area. They said cocaine was transported in secret panels in vehicles that traveled into Colorado on Interstate 25.

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CO Lawmaker Revives In-State Tuition Push for Undocumented Students

denverDenver Post, 10/14/09

A Democratic lawmaker has been quietly lining up support for his upcoming proposal to allow undocumented students to pay in-state college tuition.

Rep. Joe Miklosi of Denver said he often points out that a majority of states that have OK’d in-state tuition to children whose parents illegally entered the country are conservative states.

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Consul warns that Mexican migrants may return to home communities (in Spanish)

El Universal, 11/23/2008

Many Mexicans feel increasingly unwelcome in Colorado because of anti-immigrant sentiment. Some are contemplating returning home in search of opportunities as the U.S. economy weakens, said the Mexican Consul General in Denver, Eduardo Arnal.

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