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Editorial: Blacklisted (In Spanish)

Sergio Aguayo, Reforma, 1/21/2009

Sergio Aguayo
Sergio Aguayo

In the United States, Mexico has already been put on the black list of “failed states.” Felipe Calderón’s government rejects the label with indignation, yet the stubborn reality sews doubts.

Social sciences are imprecise because, except for life and death, human existence lacks the predictability of cells observed under microscope. There are some concepts that are particularly gelatinous such as the “failed state,” first made popular by the annual index provided by the magazine Foreign Policy. A failed state is characterized by, among other traits, having lost control over portions of its territory, over its monopoly on the legitimate use of force and for the incapacity to provide adequate public services.

Some think Mexico falls into that category; others that it is on its way there.

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