Coca-Cola Launches Mid-Calorie Soda in a Mexico Battling Its Bulge

August 26, 2014

08/25/14 The Wall Street Journal

Coca-Cola Co. is introducing a mid-calorie cola here in its second-biggest market by sales volume and a country that’s struggling to shed the pounds.

Mexicans drink more Coca-Cola products per capita than consumers in any other country, so the company’s introduction of Coca-Cola Life, sweetened in part by the stevia plant, may be of some importance in a country battling obesity and a rise in diabetes and related health problems.

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Shuttered Coca-Cola Facility Highlights Mexico’s Broader Security Problems

August 14, 2014

08/12/14 By Nathaniel Parish Flannery. Forbes

Coca Cola BottlesOn July 30 Coca-Cola FEMSA, Latin America’s largest coke bottler shuttered a facility in the Pacific Mexican state of Guerrero, which is home to Acapulco, a city that recorded the country’s highest murder rate in 2013. On August 4 assailants stopped and burned four Coca-Cola trucks on roads near the town of Arcelia.

In 2013 Guerrero’s problems with crime attracted global attention after a group of citizen police patrols including one composed of all women emerged to enforce local law and order in different towns in the state. Overall, Guerrero is one of Mexico’s most problematic states in terms of violence and security. When I visited Acapulco last summer, it was then the most violent city in Mexico.

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Mexico’s Coca-Cola Femsa reports lower second-quarter profit

July 23, 2014

07/23/14 Reuters

Coca Cola BottlesMexican Coke bottler Coca-Cola Femsa said on Wednesday its second-quarter profit fell 4.6 percent in spite of higher sales as it faced restructuring charges and paid more interest on debt it took on to acquire businesses in Brazil.

Femsa reported a second-quarter profit of 2.68 billion pesos ($206 million), compared to a profit of 2.81 billion pesos in the year-earlier period.

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Mexico: Coca-Cola’s billion-dollar-a-year fizz

July 17, 2014

07/17/14 Financial Times

Coca Cola BottlesInvestment in Mexico: it’s the real thing. Coca-Cola’s announcement that it will pour $1bn into the country every year until 2020 is just the latest in a string of recent big-ticket spends in a country where manufacturing is leading the country out of an untimely economic slump.

The US beverage maker, whose operations in Mexico include eight bottling groups in Mexico, juices and dairy as well as sodas and water, said it would invest more than $8.4bn from 2014-2020, bringing the total invested in Mexico during the decade to $12.4bn.

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A bottler of beloved Mexican Coke is considering shifting from cane sugar to save money

November 4, 2013

Quartz, 11/3/2013

piggy bank with coinsMexico’s new soft drink tax could push the nation’s Coca-Cola makers away from the cane sugar that’s made “Mexicoke” a cult hit in the US.

Executives from the second-largest bottler of Coca-Cola in Latin America suggested that a shift away from cane sugar might be in the cards as a result of the steep sales tax on soda Mexico’s congress approved on Thursday (Oct. 31). American Coke enthusiasts claim the Mexican version tastes better than what they get in the US, which some say is because Mexican Coca-Cola is made with cane sugar rather than high-fructose corn syrup.

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Op Ed: Mexico’s Soda Pop Ploy

November 4, 2013

The New York Times, 11/3/1013

By David Toscano

Mexico consumes more Coca Cola per capita than any other country

For most Mexicans, money is something you need, not something you cherish for its own sake. That’s why the new taxes on sodas and junk food were mostly contested by the business community. The average Mexican just shrugged.

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Mexico’s Coca-Cola Femsa Takes Consolidation Drive to Brazil

July 2, 2013

brazil flag -- brick wallAP, 7/1/2013

Mexican soft drink bottler Coca-Cola Femsa SAB is looking to drive more consolidation in the Coca-Cola Co. bottling system by moving its acquisition spree to Brazil, Latin America’s biggest economy and largest consumer market.

After having snapped up several regional bottlers in Mexico over the past two years, the company has agreed to pay $448 million in cash for Rio de Janeiro-based Coke bottler Companhia Fluminense de Refrigerantes. Coca-Cola Femsa Chief Executive Carlos Salazar called the deal an important step in the Coke system’s consolidation process, telling analysts during a conference call Monday that the acquisition also highlights the strategic significance of the Brazilian market, which is one of Coke’s top-five markets for volume consumption worldwide.

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