Plan de Guadalupe, 100 Years Later (Spanish)

hands - fistVanguardia, 3/26/2013

In 1913, Francisco I. Madero – who arrived at the presidency after helping put an end to Porfirio Diaz’s dictatorship – had been murdered while Victoria Huerta, former secretary of defense, took power with the support of the United States Embassy in Mexico City. Politicians and local governments faced two options: recognize the new government as legitimate, or reject the usurpation of power and oppose it. The government of Coahuila, through Venustiano Carranza, chose the second.

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Violent crime continues to bedevil Mexico under new leader

Guns by Flickr user barjackPittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/14/2013

A new surge of killing, kidnapping and extortion is the latest sign that the violent crime wave in Mexico has not subsided since President Enrique Pena Nieto took office and could grow further in the weeks to come, U.S. law enforcement officials say. Fresh intelligence indicates that the paramilitary group known as the Zetas is pushing farther into northern Coahuila and Chihuahua states, threatening to reignite deadly violence in areas bordering Texas, including Ciudad Juárez.

Mexico bar shootings leave nine dead in Coahuila state

Guns by Flickr user barjackBBC News, 1/6/2013

Heavily armed gunmen in northern Mexico have stormed two bars, killing at least nine people. The attacks happened within minutes of each other in the city of Torreon. Police believe they were carried out by gangs fighting for control of drug trafficking in Coahuila state. No arrests have yet been made, police say. Three other bars were targeted in similar attacks in Torreon in the past few days. Most of the victims were in the Tornado bar and nightclub. Witnesses say armed men burst into the bar in the early hours of Sunday and began shooting randomly. Minutes earlier, a similar shooting had taken place at another bar, called Futuro, in another area of the city. Two people were killed there.


Mexico Bishop Raul Vera Inspires, Infuriates With Activism

Huffington Post, 12/25/2012

catholic mexicoThe white-haired bishop stepped before some 7,000 faithful gathered in a baseball stadium in this violence-plagued northern border state. He led the gathering through the rituals of his Mass, reciting prayers echoed back by the massive crowd. And then his voice rose. Politicians are tied to organized crime, Bishop Raul Vera bellowed while inaugurating the church’s Year of Faith. Lawmakers’ attempts to curb money laundering are intentionally weak. New labor reforms are a way to enslave Mexican workers.

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Mexico reports capture of alleged Zetas cartel commander

Los Angeles Times, 11/08/2012

An alleged local commander of the Zetas paramilitary cartel in the troubled border state of Coahuila has been captured, the Mexican navy announced Thursday, expressing hope that he might lead authorities to the notorious group’s remaining top leader.

Said Omar Juarez was taken into custody on a prominent street in Saltillo, Coahuila’s capital, the navy said in a statement released as the suspect was presented to reporters in Mexico City. In his possession were weapons and packages containing what may be cocaine and marijuana, the statement said.

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Police official in Mexico held in case of politician’s slain son

The Los Angeles Times, 10/8/12

An assistant police chief in the Mexican border town of Ciudad Acuña has been taken into custody by state authorities who suspect he was involved in the slaying of the son of a nationally known and controversial politician.

Prosecutors Monday alleged that the assistant chief, Rodolfo Castillo Montes, tricked the victim, Jose Eduardo Moreira Rodriguez, into going to a location where he was picked up by criminals who eventually killed him on Wednesday.

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Son of prominent Mexican politician shot dead

Reuters, 10/4/12

The body of Jose Eduardo Moreira, son of the embattled ex-chairman of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and former Coahuila state governor Humberto Moreira, was discovered near Ciudad Acuna, across the Rio Grande river from Texas, late on Wednesday, the state’s government said on Thursday. He had been reported missing several hours before his body was found…

Military reinforcements were sent into Coahuila to assist investigations into the killing, which hit one of the most prominent political families in the PRI and sparked outrage among party leaders.

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Mexico Coahuila inmates fled ‘via front door, not tunnel’

BBC News, 9/21/12

The 131 Mexican inmates who fled jail this week escaped through the front door, not a tunnel as was previously reported, local officials say.

The officials in Coahuila state, near the US border, said guards and a drug cartel had helped the inmates.

The prison’s director and other officials in the city of Piedras Negras have now been detained.

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132 inmates escape Mexican prison on U.S. border

CNN, 9/18/2012

Mexican authorities have detained a prison director and two other prison officials after 132 inmates escaped from the facility Monday, officials said.

The attorney general for Coahuila state had asked a judge to detain the three prison leaders for 30 days while an investigation into the escape from the border city of Piedras Negras began.

Piedras Negras is across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas, and about 150 miles from San Antonio.

The inmates escaped one by one from what’s known as a social rehabilitation center, a minimum-security facility, by using a 7-foot-long tunnel, according to a statement from the state attorney general. The escapees then cut through a chain-link fence and ran through an empty lot.

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Mexico mine blast kills seven from same Coahuila family

BBC News, 7/25/2012

Seven people have been killed in a gas explosion in a coal mine in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila.

Rescue workers said they had been able to retrieve the bodies of the miners, all of whom came from the same family and worked in the mine in Muzquiz.

Explosions caused by methane gas are one of the main dangers in small-scale mining.

In 2006, 65 miners died in an explosion at a mine in Pasta de Conchos, also in Coahuila.

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