Juárez factory workers are protesting for their rights with an ‘Occupy-style’ sit-in

2/17/2016 The Guardian 

ciudad juarezIf Karl Marx could visit the freezing, rickety shack by Bulevar Independencia, he might reconsider the inevitability of labour trumping capital.

There is gravel underfoot, the tarpaulin roof flaps in the winter wind and frost dampens the cardboard walls. Traffic roars past, oblivious, and the handful of occupants inside subsist on donated beans and tortillas.

Tattered banners proclaiming “libertad sindical” (union freedom) and “justicia a la clase obrera” (justice for the working class) adorn the walls. This is the nerve centre of Ciudad Juárez’s worker rebellion.

Opposite the shack – behind security cameras, guards and gates – is the factory that fired them after they tried to form a union.

Lexmark, a Kentucky-based corporate leader in laser printers, is worth around $2bn and has the support of Mexico’s political establishment and apparently also its media and Catholic hierarchy, notwithstanding Pope Francis’s visit to Juárez on Wednesday.

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Women Journey to Mexico to Put Focus on Immigration during Pope Visit

2/17/16 NBC News

Border fence by couchlearnerFor Guillermina Castellanos, the Pope’s message on compassion for immigrants is personal. Though she and her nine children are U.S. citizens, the California resident said her husband has been living in the U.S. for about 20 years and has not been able to legalize his status. Every time her daughters see a police officer drive up behind them, they’re afraid that their father will get pulled over and get arrested for being undocumented.

I tell them, ‘Don’t be afraid. The cop won’t do anything to your dad,'” Castellanos said. “But they still live with that constant fear.”

The Pope’s trip to the city of Juárez, Mexico on Wednesday is drawing hundreds of thousands of faithful on both sides of the border. But as the eyes of the world descend on the Pontiff’s visit to the area, some U.S. families like Castellanos say they want to ensure that people focus on the Pope’s message of compassion and dignity for immigrants.

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Border Security Tightens Before Francis’s Visit To Mexico

2/15/16 CBS 

fence at borderEL PASO (CBSDFW.COM) – The task to keep the border in El Paso with Ciudad Juarez safe during Pope Francis’s visit is a massive undertaking described by law enforcement along the border as “unprecedented.”

CBS 11 News was given an exclusive border tour with the Customs and Border Protection’s Air and Marine Unit aboard on of their helicopters.

CBP Director of El Paso air operations Rudy Maldonado said, “We’re going to be watching. It’s a matter of us watching things that people don’t even think of.”

Authorities will shut down a seven-mile stretch of border near the Pope’s mass location. They estimate upwards of 1 million people will gather on both sides to try and enjoy a glimpse of the pontiff.

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Juárez is largest producer of solar panels in Mexico

07/27/15 El Paso Times

Solar PanelsJUAREZ >> This border city has become the largest producer of solar panels in Mexico and Latin America, officials said.

The manufacturing plant Flextronics, located in far south Juárez, recently reached its maximum capacity production of 1.3 million solar panels a year. It began making them for Missouri-based SunEdison Inc., the world’s largest renewable energy development company, in mid-2014.

The panels, which were produced for the first time in Juárez, are exported to the United States and other countries in South America and Europe for residential, utility and commercial photovoltaic projects.

A photovoltaic system employs solar panels, also known as modules, to supply usable solar power.

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2015 United States -Mexico Summit: A View from the Border

On August 6-8 in El Paso/Ciudad Juarez for the United States-Mexico Summit: A View from the Border and International 10K race.

To join the 2015 USMXS, please visit:


And to learn more about the U.S.-Mexico 10k:


At An Asylum In Juarez, ‘We Believe In Hope’

07/06/15 NPR

map_ciudad_juarez11Fifteen miles past the city limits of Juarez, an insane asylum serves as the last stop for a group of indigent and mentally ill people. It’s called Vision en Accion, or Vision in Action, and it sits like a citadel in a filthy desert dotted with dumps and junkyards, in an area haunted by years of violence from the drug cartel wars that claimed more than 11,000 lives. A few of the asylum’s 120 residents live behind bars in tiny, solitary cement cells. You can hear them moaning or screaming at times. But most of the people here spend their time doing chores and relaxing in an open courtyard. They’re tended to by the evangelist pastor who built the shelter, Jose Antonio Galvan.

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Mexican Police Capture Leader of Juárez Cartel

4/19/2015 New York Times

handcuffsMexican officials said Sunday that they had captured a leader of the Juárez Cartel, Jesús Salas Aguayo, the man in charge of the gang’s operations in Ciudad Juárez during a convulsion of violence that made the city one of the world’s most murderous.

Mr. Salas, 38, was arrested Friday in the town of Villa Ahumada, about 80 miles south of the Texas border, Mexico’s national security commissioner told reporters Sunday. Mr. Salas took over the cartel’s leadership this year after the arrests of its boss, Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, last October and his replacement, David Aaron Espinoza Haro, in January, the commissioner said.

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