New Survey: 57% of Americans believe U.S. is more responsible for illegal Mexican immigrants entering U.S.

IMG_4475The Mexico Institute is pleased to share a new survey produced in conjunction with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Immigration reform gained momentum in the United States after the 2012 presidential election, when the Hispanic vote helped to swing the election conclusively toward President Obama, a fact he alluded to recently while in Mexico. This just-completed, nationwide Chicago Council survey reveals support for some variation of immigration reform, similar to other recent polls. But there is still a lot of grassroots work to be done to break down stereotypes. Half of Americans overstate unauthorized immigration levels into the United States, which seems to intensify bias against Mexican immigrants and opposition to reform

Key Findings:

• The contentious immigration debate on Capitol Hill resembles partisan divides among the public. Democrats and Independents are more supportive of immigration reform options involving a path to citizenship and express more favorable impressions of Mexicans living in the United States than Republicans.

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#DidYouKnow – Americans’ Views towards Mexico

Chicago Survey

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Report Launch: Immigration and U.S. Competitiveness: A View from the Midwest

technicians making repairs - industry job trainingNext Thursday, February 28, 2013

The economic future of the Midwest rests in part on US immigration policy. The twin realities of a struggling industrial base and population decline demand a rethinking of how the country and region attracts and retains human capital. Join cochairs and members of The Chicago Council’s independent task force on US Economic Competitiveness at Risk: A Midwest Call to Action on Immigration Reform, as they release their report, 12 months in the making. This report release event will introduce attendees to immigration initiatives being undertaken throughout the Midwest to promote the region’s economic competitiveness.

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