‘The Cartel’ Is Your Annual Reminder that the War on Drugs Isn’t Over

June 26, 2015

6/26/15 Newsweek

Mexican_drug_cartels_2008Sitting across from crime novelist Don Winslow, I’m finding it hard to reconcile this soft-spoken, bespectacled man of 61 with the scene I keep replaying in my head: a drug kingpin throwing two children off a bridge to send a message to a rival. I’ve had nightmares about this scene.

The kingpin is Adán Barrera, heir to a Mexico-based international drug syndicate and a main character in Winslow’s 2005 novel, The Power of the Dog, which documented the birth of the Drug Enforcement Administration and its much-maligned War on Drugs. In The Cartel, the hefty sequel that came out in June, Winslow revisits that war and America’s role in it, while Barrera revives his longtime enmity with DEA maverick Art Keller—the so-called “Border Lord”—and everyone from local dope boys to corrupt police officers to prostitutes-turned-traffickers gets caught up in their blood feud, or killed. Often both.

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21 Gang members arrested in northeastern Mexico

June 19, 2015

6/18/15 Fox News Latino

APTOPIX Mexico Election ViolenceMexican Federal Police officers and Tamaulipas state police arrested 21 gang members in Rio Bravo, a town near the U.S. border, the Tamaulipas Coordination Group said. A tip from the public led police to a house in Rio Bravo’s Del Carmen district, where they captured the suspects, the agency said in a statement. Police seized 110 kilos of marijuana, 10 rifles, 3,035 rounds of ammunition, fuel, five vehicles and other gear.Leonel Landeros Calvo, the gang’s suspected leader, and two suspects who attacked a Federal Police station in Tamaulipas were among those arrested, the agency said.

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Mexico Detains Mayor For Extortion, Ordering A Murder On Behalf Of Drug Cartel

August 15, 2014

08/15/14 Fox News Latino

hands in handcuffsA mayor in the western state of Michoacán was detained for allegedly ordering the killing of a friend and extorting her employees and street vendors in her city on behalf of a drug cartel, authorities said Thursday.

Michoacán state prosecutors said in a statement that Huetamo Mayor Dalia Santana told her friend to meet her for breakfast at a Chinese restaurant, where a gunman shot him to death last year. The gunman was a member of the Knights Templar drug cartel, which is based in Michoacán.

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Mexico charges ex-governor’s son withheld evidence

August 4, 2014

08/04/14 Bloomberg News

prisonFederal prosecutors in Mexico have charged the son of a former governor in a crime-wracked western state with withholding evidence about a video that purportedly shows the son meeting with a leader of a drug cartel.

A statement Sunday from the Attorney General’s Office says Rodrigo Vallejo has been charged with the “crime of concealment from a district judge.” The statement says Vallejo refused to testify Friday about the video.

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Mexicans make important arrest in struggle with cartel

January 24, 2014

prisonFox News Latino, 01/24/2014

Federal forces deployed in the embattled western state of Michoacan arrested a man identified by media outlets as a key figure in the drug cartel that has been terrorizing the region, the head of Mexico’s National Public Safety System said.

Hector Chavez Quiroz, 40, is “an important part of a criminal structure,” Monte Alejandro Rubido told a press conference in Morelia, the state capital.

Though the official did not name the criminal organization, media accounts described Chavez Quiroz as the lieutenant of Enrique Plancarte, one of the seven top bosses of the Caballeros Templarios (Knights Templar) outfit.

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Mexico protects wounded leader of citizen militia trying to fight off cartels

January 10, 2014

m16 gun closeupThe Washington Post, 01/09/2014

Fifty federal police officers armed with black assault rifles guard the gates of an exclusive private hospital in this cosmopolitan capital.

They are patrolling the polished stone lobby, standing sentry under palm trees, surveilling the Starbucks. Private security guards and local police man the doors, driveways and elevators.

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Mexico ‘clown’ gunmen kill ex-drug chief Arellano Felix

October 21, 2013

BBC News, 10/19/2013

gun - crime sceneThe authorities in Mexico have said gunmen dressed as clowns have shot dead a former leading member of a once-powerful and violent drug cartel. Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix, 63, was killed in a beach resort in Baja California in north-western Mexico. He and his brothers controlled the drug trade on Mexico’s border with the United States in the 1990s. But their Tijuana cartel was gradually weakened by the capture or killing of other leading members.

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