Trump open to citizenship for DACA enrollees

01/25/2018 Politico

17028185388_8b61cf9e1f_kPresident Donald Trump will consider a pathway to citizenship in 10 to 12 years for enrollees in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, he told reporters during an impromptu news conference at the White House on Wednesday evening.

“We’re going to morph into it. It’s going to happen at some point in the future,” Trump said, according to audio of the discussion posted online by The Daily Caller. He added that the timeline would be “over a period of 10 to 12 years.”

Trump will also request $25 billion to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border as part of the negotiation, as well as $5 billion for other border security measures, he said.

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Giuliani made millions consulting for Mexico’s most anti-Trump politician

11/29/16 The Washington Post

186px-rudy_giulianiFormer New York mayor Rudy Giuliani was paid millions under a contract arranged by a Mexican politician who is likely to run for president of Mexico in 2018 on an anti-Trump, Mexico-first platform. That could be a conflict of interest if Giuliani is named secretary of state and tasked with renegotiating NAFTA and trying to get Mexico to pay for a border wall.

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One Photographer Traveled the Full Length of the U.S. Border With Mexico

10/27/16 Time

Mexican-American_border_at_Nogales.jpgOver the course of several recent weeks, Getty Images photographer John Moore visited the Imperial Sand Dunes of southern California, Big Bend National Park in West Texas and the Boca Chica State Park, where the Rio Grande flows into the Gulf of Mexico. Moore wasn’t on holiday, but on assignment documenting the full length of the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

Stretching over 1,989 miles, the border is monitored by a wide array of federal agencies. There’s the Office of Field Operations, which regulated ports of entries and border crossings. There’s the Air and Marine Operations, which fly over border areas. There are 20,000 personnel that make up the Border Patrol. And there’s also the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, whose role is to deport undocumented immigrants. As Americans get ready to vote in November, Moore was motivated to capture those many moving pieces.

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Death in the sands: the horror of the US-Mexico border

4/10/16 The Guardian

untitledFifteen-year old Sergio Hernandez Guereca and three teenage friends ran across the trickle of water in the concrete riverbed that is the Rio Grande, which marks the US-Mexico boarder, on a cloudy, hot June day in 2010. The river, which runs between El Paso and Juarez, is only centimeters deep and 15 metres wide at the border, because the US diverts most of the water into a canal before it reaches Mexico. The audacity of the boys’ run, in broad daylight in one of the most heavily patrolled spots along the border, roused bored pedestrians inching along the Paso del Norte Bridge towards the checkpoint.

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Strengthening Ties: Tamaulipas governor-elect Cabeza de Vaca talks trucks, border

06/15/2016 The Monitor

mexicous.jpgMISSION — After a breakfast meeting between local mayors and Tamaulipas governor-elect Francisco Garcia Cabeza de Vaca at the Anzalduas International Bridge, Rio Grande Valley leaders hope to keep improving relations with Mexico.

Cabeza de Vaca graduated from Memorial High School in McAllen and Houston Baptist University and speaks fluent English. McAllen Mayor Jim Darling is excited and optimistic about Cabeza de Vaca’s strong ties to McAllen and the Valley.

“It’s very rewarding to me personally,” Darling said about Cabeza de Vaca, who he called a friend, becoming governor. Not only was it rewarding to Darling because of their relationship, but because of Cabeza de Vaca’s familiarity with the border and the Valley.

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Texas-Chihuahua-New Mexico Regional Economic Competitiveness Forum

Save the date: Border Legislative ConferenceTexas-Chihuahua-New Mexico Regional Economic Competitiveness Forum. September 12, 2014 in El Paso, Texas.

The Texas-Chihuahua-New Mexico Regional Economic Competitiveness Forum is being organized by the Border Legislative Conference, a binational mechanism of cooperation among legislators of the 10 U.S. – Mexico border states, along with the Office of Congressman Beto O’Rourke and with the support of the Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute.

In it, we will have the opportunity to discuss the main issues and challenges, about the Mexico-U.S. Border. Among the attendees there will be U.S. Congressmen as  Joaquin Castro, Henry Cuellar, Bill Owens, and Steve Pearce. Additionaly, there will be public servants from both sides of the border such as Oscar Leeser, Mayor of El Paso; Enrique Serrano, Mayor of Ciudad Juárez, among many others.

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Big Win For Immigrant Activists Who Staged Border-Crossing Protest In Laredo

The Huffington Post, 10/1/2013

Border Fence Arizona and MexicoElsy Nuñez, a Honduran national who had once resided in the United States, tried three separate times since Aug. 23 to convince immigration authorities in Laredo, Texas, to allow her into the country. She brought documentation detailing the multiple health health problems her 4-year-old, U.S.-born daughter Valeria suffers, including cerebral palsy and a ruptured eardrum. Three times, border officials turned her away. On Monday night, she finally got her wish.

Nuñez’s luck changed when she joined a group of activists staging the second round of a protest action against deportations that is thought to be unprecedented. Originally branding themselves as the “Dream 30,” a group of people who had spent part of their lives in the United States as undocumented immigrants crossed the border from Mexico at the legal port of entry in Laredo on Monday and asked for humanitarian parole. If that request is rejected, they plan to apply for asylum.

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