Enigmatic Drug Lord ‘La Barbie’ Made Deal With US: Report

08/09/16 InSight Crime 

5415536416_3a9e96aee7_o.jpgAn American drug lord who operated in Mexico reportedly made a deal with US authorities to secure a shorter sentence, an anticipated outcome that is sure to add to the mounting evidence that extradited capos are providing on Mexico‘s underworld.

Edgar Valdez Villareal, a former leader of Mexico‘s Beltrán Leyva Organization (BLO), and four of his accomplices agreed to supply US authorities with information on his and rival drug cartels in exchange for a reduced prison sentence,reported El Universal.

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From Mexican Jail, Top Cop Accused

Wall Street Journal, 11/28/2012

An alleged cartel kingpin accused high-ranking members of President Felipe  Calderón’s government, including the country’s top police official, of taking  bribes from organized crime.

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