Olaf weakens after hitting Mexico’s Los Cabos as Cat 2 storm


Source: AP News

Hurricane Olaf slipped back to tropical storm force on Friday after slamming into the Los Cabos resorts at the tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula and then drenching the region with torrential rains.

The storm came ashore near San Jose del Cabo late Thursday as a Category 2 hurricane with winds of 100 mph (155 kph), according to the U.S. National Hurricane Center.


Americans Are Flocking to Mexico. Should They Be?


Source: The New York Times

Mexico’s reputation as an alluring travel destination both before and during the pandemic has met a sobering reality: Despite growing vaccine efforts, the coronavirus is surging, especially in tourist hot spots.

Though the U.S. land border with Mexico has been closed to nonessential travel since the start of the pandemic, vacationers can fly into the country with no quarantine or testing requirements, opening the door to unvaccinated travelers who might contract the virus in Mexico and bring it back home, or for any traveler to pass it on to a Mexican citizen.


Mexico finds 5 bodies in pits in Baja resort of La Paz, detains suspect

6/23/15 Fox News

bajacaliforniasurProsecutors have unearthed the bodies of two men and three women from clandestine burial pits in the resort city of La Paz, Mexico.

The prosecutors’ office for Baja California Sur state said in a statement late Monday the bodies were found wrapped in plastic bags and buried.Police were led to the grave sites by a captured suspect, who was found with drugs and an assault rifle. He told prosecutors he worked for a gang called “The 28.”The suspect told police he had been in charge of burying the bodies, though the reason for the murders and the causes of death remain under investigation.

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Plans for resort in Mexico ignite concern about reef

The Washington Post, 11/9/11

Where once the waters here were almost barren of life, there are now vast schools of randy, spawning big-eyed jacks. The grouper lurking in the thriving coral have reached the size of overindulged toddlers. The tiger sharks are big enough to star in scary movies. The nesting turtles, devil rays and sea lions have returned, too, alongside a few tourists wearing flippers and masks.

Marine scientists confess pure astonishment at what has happened in the 16 years since Cabo Pulmo National Park was created at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California, 60 miles north of Cabo San Lucas.

In August, researchers reported that the biomass of fish in the no-take marine reserve had increased by 463 percent in just 10 years, more than a quintupling that is unprecedented and offers hope that, if just left alone for a little while, the planet’s depleted seas can rebound. But all is not well in Cabo Pulmo.

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