Ayotzinapa: text messages indicate police handed over students to crime gang

Source: Mexico News Daily

At least 38 of 43 students who disappeared in Iguala, Guerrero, seven years ago were handed over to a crime gang by municipal police, intercepted text messages indicate.

The federal Interior Ministry (SEGOB) released a document Friday that includes a transcript of a text conversation between Gildardo López Astudillo, who was allegedly the Guerreros Unidos plaza chief in Iguala at the time of the Ayotzinapa students’ disappearance, and Francisco Salgado Valladares, who was the deputy chief of the Iguala municipal police.


Justice elusive 7 years after students abducted in Mexico


Source: ABC News

Several hundred students and political activists marched through downtown Mexico City on Sunday to demand authorities find out what happened to 43 teacher’s college students who disappeared in 2014.

Police in the southern city of Iguala handed the students over to drug gang members, who purportedly killed them and burned their bodies believing they were working for a rival crime group.


Mexico missing students: Remains of third victim identified


Source: BBC News

Forensic experts have identified the remains of a student who was among a group of 43 who disappeared in the Mexican state of Guerrero in 2014.

A prosecutor said tests had revealed that bone fragments found in a ravine belonged to Jhosivani Guerrero.

He is the third member of the group whose remains have been found and identified.


U.S. sends Mexico information for probe into 2014 disappearances


Source: Reuters

The United States has sent files to Mexico to help it in its investigation of the 2014 abduction and presumed massacre of 43 students training to be teachers in Guerrero state, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Monday.

Lopez Obrador said he asked U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris during a May 7 virtual meeting for access to files with information relevant to the kidnapping in the southwestern city of Iguala of trainees from the Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers’ College by suspected corrupt police working with a drug gang.


Mexico: witness to disappearance of 43 students alleges soldiers involved in attack


Source: The Guardian

A witness to the disappearance of 43 Mexican student teachers has alleged that soldiers were involved in the 2014 attack , the country’s president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has confirmed.

The disappearance of the trainees from the Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers’ College on 26 September 2014 rocked Mexico, sparking widespread protests and calls for justice, but the investigation into the case has been widely criticized.


Mexico issues new warrants in 2014 students’ disappearance case


Source: Al Jazeera

Mexico has for the first time issued arrest warrants for members of the military and federal police force in relation to the abduction and disappearance of 43 students in 2014, the Attorney General’s office announced Saturday.

Omar Gomez Trejo, the prosecutor leading the investigation, said 25 arrest warrants had been issued in total and one federal police officer was already in custody.


Mexico searching another dump in case of 43 missing students

Oaxaca por Ayotzinapa

09/25/19 – AP News

By Maria Verza

A member of an international team supporting the search for 43 missing students in southern Mexico says new information has led Mexican authorities to begin working at another garbage dump.

Former Colombian prosecutor Ángela Buitrago of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights group supporting the investigation says another garbage dump outside the town of Iguala “is the epicenter of the action.”

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Mexico reopens investigation into 2014 disappearance of 43 students



09/19/19 – Reuters

By Lizbeth Diaz

Mexico will open a new investigation into the 2014 disappearance and apparent massacre of 43 students, authorities said on Wednesday, a controversial case that caused a crisis for the previous government and drew international criticism.

“We’re going to start again,” Omar Gomez, a special prosecutor appointed to oversee the reexamination of the case, said in a statement.

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Mexico targets former attorney general in probe of missing students case


By Dave Graham & Diego Ore

Mexican prosecutors will target a former attorney general and his top aides in their investigation into the handling of a controversial probe into the disappearance five years ago of 43 student teachers, a government official said on Sunday.

The attorney general’s office said on Saturday prosecutors would hold to account those who oversaw the widely-panned probe into the abduction and apparent massacre of the trainee teachers by corrupt police working with a violent drug gang.

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Mexico: Main suspect absolved in 2014 student disappearances

Oaxaca por Ayotzinapa

09/03/19 – AP News

By Maria Verza

One of the main suspects in the 2014 disappearance of 43 teachers’ college students in southern Mexico has been acquitted, a human rights attorney said Tuesday, as justice remains elusive for one of the darkest moments of the country’s recent history.

Santiago Aguirre, director of the human rights center known as Prodh and a lawyer for victims’ relatives, said the judge absolved Gilberto López Astudillo due to “insufficient evidence” and the suspect was released from custody Saturday with no pending charges remaining against him.

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