Former Bolivian president Morales heads to Mexico for asylum


11/12/19 – Reuters

By Daina Beth Solomon

Bolivia’s former president, Evo Morales, was flying to Mexico on Tuesday after fleeing his South American homeland, seeking refuge under a leftist government that has supported the veteran socialist in the wake of a disputed election.

Bolivia’s first indigenous president came under Mexico’s protection after he departed Bolivia late on Monday on a Mexican Air Force jet, Mexico’s Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said.

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Vulnerable LGBTQ migrants left to wait in Mexico

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11/03/19 – The San Diego Union Tribune

By Wendy Fry, Molly Hennesy-Fiske

Pedro Luis Perez arrived at the northern Mexico border in early 2019 looking for safety and asylum in the United States, but instead he spent about 10 months waiting in Tijuana where he said he felt threatened because of his sexual orientation.

Perez was 13 when his parents threw him out of his family home in Guatemala for being gay. He spent much of his youth living on the streets, hunkering down under bridges when it rained.

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Hundreds of migrants corralled at detention center in Mexico


10/15/19 – AP News

By Benjamin Alfaro and Amy Guthrie

Hundreds of migrants from Africa, the Caribbean and Central America found themselves corralled in a migrant detention facility in southern Mexico on Sunday after a futile attempt to head north as part of a caravan aiming to reach the United States.

The group set out before sunrise Saturday from the town of Tapachula, where many had been marooned for months unsuccessfully trying to get transit visas. They carried heavy backpacks, babies and parcels on their heads.

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Exclusive: U.S. migrant policy sends thousands of children including hundreds of babies back to Mexico


10/11/19 – Reuters

By Kristina Cooke, Mica Rosenberg, Reade Levinson

Since January, the U.S. government has ordered 13,000 migrants under 18, including more than 400 infants, to wait with their families in Mexico for U.S. immigration court hearings, a Reuters analysis of government data found.

Along the U.S.-Mexico border, babies and toddlers are living in high-crime cities – often in crowded shelters and tents or on the streets – for the weeks or months it takes to get a U.S. asylum hearing.

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UN refugee chief asks Mexico to do more for asylum seekers


10/02/19 – Associated Press

The United Nations’ top official for refugees called on Mexico Wednesday to devote more resources to the country’s badly overtaxed refugee aid agency.

High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said in a statement that the number of people seeking asylum in Mexico is only expected to grow as the United States makes it more difficult to seek asylum there.

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‘We’ve been taken hostage’: African migrants stranded in Mexico after Trump’s crackdown


09/30/19 – The Guardian

By Jo Tuckman

Neh knew she was taking a risk when she got involved with English-language activists in mostly-Francophone Cameroon.

She had no way of know that her decision would eventually force her to flee her country, fly halfway across the world and then set out on a 4,000-mile trek through dense jungle and across seven borders – only to leave her stranded in southern Mexico, where her hopes of finding safety in the US were blocked by the Mexican government’s efforts to placate President Donald Trump’s anti-migrant rage.

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Mexico and Uruguay urge dialogue as Venezuela crisis deepens



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09/19/20 – Reuters

By Stefanie Eschenbacher, Sharay Angulo, Corina Pons

Mexico and Uruguay said on Thursday that negotiations were the only acceptable way to achieve a peaceful solution to the deepening political and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, as they welcomed the release from jail of a top opposition figure.

In a joint statement both countries called for the release of all prisoners held in circumstances similar to key opposition figure Edgar Zambrano, vice president of the Venezuelan National Assembly, who was released on Sept. 16.

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Cries in the night: Life in the limbo of a Mexican shelter


09/18/19 – AP News

By Cedar Attanasio & Tim Sullivan

Long after midnight, when the heat has finally relented and the walled courtyard is scattered with men sleeping in the open, someone begins to sob.

The sound is quiet, muffled. The only light comes from streetlights shimmering above the razor wire. It’s impossible to see who is crying.

Is it the Ugandan bodybuilder who came here fleeing political violence? Or the 27-year-old El Salvadoran who often wears a Cookie Monster t-shirt? Maybe it’s the young Honduran husband who rarely leaves his wife’s side.

It could have been any of them.

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Migrants anxious before court dates in Texas tents


U.S. Border Patrolmen

09/17/19 – AP News

By Maria Verza

Abel Oset was seized with panic. After an 11-country odyssey that began when he and his namesake son fled Cuba, and a brief moment on U.S. soil, he was crossing back into America.

But he wasn’t sure he’d be able to stay.

The two were to plead their case in a court set up inside a tent in Laredo, beamed via video conference to a judge in another city — the latest attempt to clear a massive backlog of asylum cases.

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Trump asylum lockdown turns up heat on tiny Mexican migrant agency


asylum_tijuana_caravan_122209/17/19 – Reuters

By Julia Love

Mexico’s tiny asylum agency is already overwhelmed with applicants who are abandoning the American dream because of U.S. President Donald Trump’s hardline immigration measures.

Now, the agency fears the burden on employees already working up to 15 hours a day will increase after the U.S. Supreme Court decided to restore a Trump administration policy banning most asylum applications at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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