Mexico Loosening Rules for Armed U.S. Agents

June 10, 2015

6/8/19 The Texas Tribune

CBP_Border_Patrol_agent_reads_the_Miranda_rights_After decades of forbidding foreign law enforcement officers from carrying weapons on Mexican soil, the Mexican government is on the verge of allowing U.S. agents to carry guns in places where they help speed the flow of goods between the two countries.

Texas lawmakers are celebrating the move as a significant step toward increasing trade, and say Mexico is also expected to draw up new rules allowing security personnel for visiting dignitaries to obtain permits to carry weapons.

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Op-ed: Arms Control in the US? – Mexico Institute in the News

January 9, 2013

Andrew Selee, Op-ed, El Universal, 1/6/2013
This Article is in Spanish

Andrew Selee NPRPocos temas han sido tan sensibles en la relación entre México y Estados Unidos como el de las armas que entran con tanta facilidad de norte a sur.

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