Contra la trata, primero identificar a las víctimas – Artículo de opinión escrito por el embajador Anthony Wayne

Ambassador WayneLa Jornada, 9/23/2013. Artículo de opinión.

La trata de personas ignora los límites internacionales y nos afecta a todos. Es por eso que Estados Unidos está comprometido a trabajar con nuestros socios alrededor del mundo para erradicar este nefasto crimen. Es una alta prioridad para mí como embajador de Estados Unidos en México trabajar con el gobierno y la sociedad civil mexicanos para alcanzar este objetivo importante. Pero, como el presidente Obama lo ha señalado, el trabajo de erradicar la esclavitud moderna continúa siendo una lucha cuesta arriba.

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US ambassador: United States will help Juarez rebuild

San Ysidro Border Crossing by Flickr user otzbergEl Paso Times, 8/9/2013

The United States wants to be involved in the reconstruction of Juárez, which has been devastated by violence for years, the U.S. ambassador to Mexico said Thursday while in Juárez.

“We want to be Juárez’s partner in its renaissance,” Ambassador Earl Anthony Wayne said. Wayne was the guest of honor at the inaugural event Thursday of the new museum named La Rodadora: Espacio Interactivo, or The Tumbleweed: an Interactive Space, at Parque Central West. Other guests were Chihuahua Gov. César Duarte; the head of the department of Culture in Mexico, Rafael Tovar y de Teresa; El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser; and Juárez Mayor Héctor “Teto” Murguía.The $23 million interactive children’s museum will officially open to the public today. It is the third largest museum in Mexico and the fifth largest interactive museum in Latin America.

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Hand of U.S. Is Seen in Halting General’s Rise in Mexico

mexican armyThe New York Times, 2/4/2013

As Mexico’s military staged its annual Independence Day parade in September, spectators filled the main square of Mexico City to cheer on the armed forces. Nearly 2,000 miles away in Washington, American officials were also paying attention. But it was not the helicopters hovering overhead or the antiaircraft weapons or the soldiers in camouflage that caught their attention. It was the man chosen to march at the head of the parade, Gen. Moisés García Ochoa, who by tradition typically becomes the country’s next minister of defense.

The Obama administration had many concerns about the general, including the Drug Enforcement Administration’s suspicion that he had links to drug traffickers and the Pentagon’s anxiety that he had misused military supplies and skimmed money from multimillion-dollar defense contracts. In the days leading up to Mexico’s presidential inauguration on Dec. 1, the United States ambassador to Mexico, Anthony Wayne, met with senior aides to President Enrique Peña Nieto to express alarm at the general’s possible promotion.

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Op-ed: Nothing to Celebrate in Mexico

drug warBy José Miguel Vivanco, The Washington Post, 1/24/2013

On first read, it might have been a hoax. On International Human Rights Day last month, the U.S. ambassador to Mexico, Anthony Wayne, “celebrated” Mexico’s human rights achievements. “The United States recognizes the Mexican government, including officials and institutions,” he wrote in the newspaper El Universal, “for its efforts to promote the defense of human rights in Mexico.”

It is hard to imagine a less appropriate time for such undeserved praise. More celebration of failed policies will do nothing to help Mexico break out of this cycle of violence and lawlessness, which has already taken too many lives.

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