Anonymous launches attack on Mexico’s Defense Department

CNET, 1/17/2013

youth with handgunAnonymous has set its sights on Mexico’s Department of Defense. The group’s Mexican legion has claimed responsibility for waging a distributed-denial-of-service attack on the government site, rendering it inoperable for several hours yesterday, according to the Associated Press. During the attack, the group posted a statement on the media section of the government’s Web site. The statement claimed that a “bad government” was running the country.

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Anonymous Announces an anti-Peña Operation [in Spanish]

Proceso, 7/5/12

Enrique Peña Nieto

Anonymous Mexico, a branch of the hackers collective, has announced an anti-Peña operation (#AFPN) because of Peña’s supposed electoral fraud.  They have said that the IFE’s president Leonardo Valdés Zurita , and Carlos Armando Biebrich (a deputy in the legislature) will also be included in their attack, because they accuse them of being complicit in the fraud.Read More…

Narcos, meet hackers: ‘Anonymous’ group may be heading to cyber faceoff with deadly Zetas gang

The Washington Post, 11/2/11

One of the world’s most secretive movements is taking aim at a just as clandestine mafia, right out in the open. Bloggers and tweeters claiming to belong to the hacker movement “Anonymous” say they plan to expose collaborators of Mexico’s bloody Zetas drug cartel, even if some of them seem to have backed away from the plan out of fear.

Their debate is playing out on chatboards, websites and Twitter messages, many of them open to public view. But just what they might do, as a claimed Friday deadline approaches, remains unclear, perhaps even to the loosely coordinated Internet community. Its participants generally hide their real-world identities even from one another, partly as protection from officials and prosecutors who often consider them outlaws.

Self-proclaimed members of a movement best known for hacking public corporate and government websites are now talking about attacking a drug cartel that largely shuns the Internet and has killed, even beheaded, ordinary bloggers for posting information about it.

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‘Hackers’ threaten Mexican drug cartel in YouTube film

BBC News, 10/31/11

The YouTube message said it was “tired of the criminal group the Zetas, which is dedicated to kidnapping, stealing and extortion”. It said the cartel “made a great mistake” carrying out an abduction of one of their members in Veracruz. Local law authorities said they cannot authenticate the video.

The message shows a person dressed in a Guy Fawkes mask associated with Anonymous and other activist groups. The voiceover, which is in Spanish, claims to know about police officers, journalists, taxi drivers and others who aid the cartel. It said it will publish photographs and other details unless the kidnapped member of its group – who has not been identified – is released. “We cannot defend ourselves with weapons, but we can with their cars, houses and bars,” the message added. “It’s not difficult. We know who they are and where they are.”

The video was posted under the username MrAnonymousguyfawkes. It was uploaded on 6 October, but was first reported at the end of last week by the global intelligence think tank Stratfor. An attempt to contact the video’s author did not receive a reply. Analysts at Stratfor said that if Anonymous carried out its threat, it would likely lead to the murder of those named as cartel associates by rival gangs. It said there could also be reprisal attacks against suspected hackers.

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