Mexico’s car industry: Steaming hot

cars opllutingThe Economist, 11/15/2013

Mexico, it seems, is an automotive backwater. The country’s consumers are expected to buy barely 1.06m cars and light trucks this year—down nearly 10% from the already weak 1.15m in 2005. Put another way, this is barely one new vehicle for every 150 Mexican residents, compared to more than one for every 20 citizens in America.

So why did Nissan, the Japanese carmaker, this week open a new $2 billion assembly complex in the city of Aguascalientes? And why are manufacturers such as Mazda, Honda and Audi racing to set up factories in Mexico, while General Motors, which already has operations in the country, is set to invest another $700m?

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Mexico becoming Nissan’s export hub for Americas: CEO

Reuters, 11/12/2013

autosNissan Motor Co Ltd  will build 1 million cars in Mexico by 2016, cementing the country’s position as the export hub for the Japanese automaker in the Americas, Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn told Reuters as he inaugurated a $2 billion plant.

Most of the cars from the new plant in Aguascalientes in central Mexico will be sent by rail to destinations throughout North and South America. A staff of 3,000 in the light, airy plant filled with rows of shiny yellow robots will produce one car every 38 seconds, in partnership with Nissan’s other Aguascalientes plant.

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Nissan Expands Mexico Lineup to Build Note Subcompact Car

Bloomberg, 1/14/2013

250px-Aguascalientes_en_México.svgNissan Motor Co. (7201), the largest automaker in Mexico, will start domestic production of the Note subcompact and export the cars throughout the Americas. The five-door model will be the third assembled at the factory in Aguascalientes, Mexico, according to a Jan. 12 statement. Nissan will keep building the cars in China, India and Thailand while using Mexican-made Notes for the Americas, said Maria Eugenia Santiago, a spokeswoman in Mexico City.

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Texas arms Mexico’s violent drug cartels

Associated Press, 12/14/2008

national-atlas-texasTexas is serving as the armory of Mexico’s bloody drug cartels that are ruthlessly killing the guilty and innocent in their battles for dominance of the drug trade routes from Mexico into the United States.

After a massacre of four police officers in the Mexican city of Aguascalientes, guns were found that had been bought legally from a gun retailer in Laredo. Among the weapons were a Walther G22 assault-style rifle and a Beretta M9 semiautomatic handgun, the newspaper reported.

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