Reduction in violence with EPN, Barely Noticeable (Spanish)

crime sceneAnimal Político, 4/26/13

The reduction in homicides during the first few months of the Peña Nieto administration is barely noticeable. This is one of the conclusions of a report, “Evolution of Violence, Trimester Report 2013,” prepared by the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO), which points out that after comparing all registered homicides in the fourth trimester of 2012 with the first of 2013, violence was reduced a mere 0.6%.

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W.H. seeks tech’s help on immigration

White House photo by flickr user Scott AblemanPolitico, 3/7/2013

The Democrats’ strategy for achieving immigration reform is coming into view: promise the tech industry what it wants in exchange for help lobbying for a comprehensive solution. That message was on display yet again on Wednesday when Deputy Commerce Secretary Rebecca Blank addressed a gathering of tech chief executives here.

Blank reiterated the Obama administration’s support for granting green cards to foreign nationals who graduate with degrees in highly sought fields and creating an easier system to allow foreign entrepreneurs starting companies in the U.S. to live here, she said. But none of that will happen unless corporate America, and the tech world in particular, let it be known they support more than just the parts of immigration reform that directly affect them.

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