Rains from Tropical Storm Carlotta pound Mexico’s coast

06/16/18 The Washington Post

hurricaneHeavy rain and wind from Tropical Storm Carlotta lashed Mexico’s Pacific coast southeast of Acapulco ahead of its expected landfall late Saturday or early Sunday.

Carlotta, the third named storm of the Pacific hurricane season, was meandering just off Mexico’s coast, according to the U.S. National Hurricane Center.

It said that Carlotta had maximum sustained winds near 50 mph (85 kph), and its center was located about 70 miles (115 kilometers) south-southeast of Acapulco. The storm was drifting northward Saturday afternoon.

The hurricane center says the storm threatens torrential rains for the coastline of the southern states of Guerrero and Oaxaca, with up to 10 inches possible in some areas. Flash flooding and mudslides are also possible.

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Mexico drug violence: State police chief found stabbed to death in Acapulco home

09/20/16 The Indian Express 

CrossAuthorities in the southern Mexico state of Guerrero say the head of the state police has been stabbed to death.

The state public safety department said state police director Tomas Hernandez Martínez was found dead Monday in his home in the resort city of Acapulco. Acapulco has been hit by a wave of drug gang violence.

In another part of Guerrero, the state prosecutor’s office said members of a drug cartel had freed six employees of a gold and silver mining plant who were kidnapped.

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Mexico Hopes More Than $1bn in New Investment Can Bring The ‘Jet-Set’ Back to Crime-Ridden Acapulco

08/22/16 CNS News

AcapulcoDInvestors and the government plan to spend more than one billion U.S. dollars over the next few years in the hopes of returning crime-ridden Acapulco to its former glory as an “international jet-set” resort that once attracted the likes of John F. Kennedy and Elizabeth Taylor.

Today, Acapulco’s reputation and quality of life are drowning beneath a wave of crime tied to narcotics and drug trafficking.

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Mexico violence: Eleven killed in Acapulco

08/01/16 BBC

acapulcoPolice in the Mexican resort town of Acapulco say eight people were killed there on Sunday and the bodies of another three found in a shallow grave.

The town, which used to be one of Mexico’s most popular tourist spots, has seen a rise in violence in recent years as criminal gangs fight for control over illegal activities.

According to a recent report, the city is now the most violent in Mexico.

The government wants to bring the city back to its former popularity.

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Mexico Recasts Its Criminal Justice Process

5/31/16 Wall Street Journal

justice - gavel and bookACAPULCO, Mexico—On a recent day, hundreds of construction workers laid bricks in a fevered rush to finish a new courthouse in this violence-torn city. Their work was just part of Mexico’s broad and daunting effort to build a new criminal justice system.

Starting Wednesday, every criminal case in Acapulco will be heard using a new judicial process based on U.S.-style oral trials. It replaces a centuries-old inquisitorial system that effectively presumes defendants are guilty and hands down sentences on the basis of written evidence reviewed behind closed doors.

Within two weeks of its rollout here, the new system is supposed to operate across the entire country.

“This is the biggest change in Mexico’s judicial system in recent history—a cultural change without precedent,” said María de los Ángeles Fromow, the Interior Ministry official who has led the implementation of the new system across the country.

Supporters say the changes will create a more transparent and accountable system where defense lawyers and prosecutors confront each other in public before a judge or panel of judges.
Critics say parts of the country aren’t ready for the changes and criminals could avoid punishment in the short term, especially in places like this Pacific coastal city widely considered Mexico’s murder capital.

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State Department Prohibits U.S. Diplomats From Traveling To Acapulco Due To Increased Violence

4/19/16 Forbes


The U.S. Department of State toughened its travel alert for Acapulco, a port in the Mexican Pacific coast state of Guerrero which the agency said has been Mexico’s most violent city for the past three years.

The new warning, which was issued Friday and replaces the one from January 19, 2016, prohibits U.S. Government personnel from traveling to the state of Guerrero, including Acapulco, a major tourist destination.

The only exception to the new travel rule for Guerrero is Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo, a tourist resort 152 miles northwest of Acapulco, where American diplomats nevertheless are advised to exercise caution and remain in tourist areas.

While the  travel warning for parts of Guerrero, one of Mexico’s poorest states, has been in effect for several years, this is the first time Acapulco—not long ago a favorite destination for celebrities, foreign leaders and American honeymooners–has been included in the ban.

In a statement Friday, Mexico’s Foreign Ministry acknowledged the legal requirements of the U.S. and other countries to issue travel warnings.  In 2015, a total of 20 million Americans visited Mexico via all forms of transport, of this  8.4 million American tourists traveled to Mexico by plane, a 17% increase over 2014, the Foreign Ministry said.

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10 Bodies Found in Mass Graves in Guerrero, Mexico

6/23/15 teleSur

Postville raidThe corpses of seven men and three women were exhumed from clandestine graves on the outskirts of Acapulco in Mexico, Guerrero state Chief Prosecutor Miguel Angel Godinez announced Monday. The bodies were discovered late Sunday, after the police received an anonymous tip. The state of Guerrero has been the site of many forced disappearances in Mexico, most famously the case of the 43 students from the Ayotzinapa teacher training college, who were disappeared in September, 2014, after they were detained by police and allegedly handed over to an organized crime gang.

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