AMLO’s Top Cop Backtracks on New Border Police Force in Mexico

07/13/2018 Bloomberg

border-circa-1990-usa-mexico-borderMexico’s incoming head of public security, Alfonso Durazo, said he is modifying the strategy he supplied in the past about plans to create a border police and instead will form a special force in tourism spots like Cancun hit by high crime.

Durazo told Bloomberg News about the correction after Mexican non-profits criticized the plan for a police force on Mexico’s southern and northern borders, saying it would cause an increase in human-rights violations.

Instead, Durazo said, a new specialized force will focus on bringing down crime in Cancun, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco, which have been plagued by narco violence and are areas that contribute to one of Mexico’s largest sources of foreign income: tourism.

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NOT REAL NEWS: Mexico Did Not Lower Age of Consent to 12

07/11/2018 The New York Times

Mexico CityMexico has not lowered its age for sexual consent to 12, contrary to claims circulating on social media and websites.

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter tweeted on June 30 that the age of consent in Mexico is now “12 for the whole country,” and linked to a Your News Wire story making the same claim.

Mexico raised its age for sexual consent from 12 to 15 in 2012, according to a review of historical changes to the penal code available online from the Mexican government. Prior to the change, sexual activity involving children from the age of 12 through 17 could still be prosecuted under laws governing corruption of minors, or if consent was obtained through deceit. Those restrictions now apply to children 15 to 17 years old.

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Mexico authorities mulling $10 million fine for election victors

07/04/2018 Reuters

amloMexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s party could face a $10 million fine for violations of campaign finance rules, the national electoral institute said on Wednesday following the group’s wide-reaching election victory.

Lopez Obrador, a former Mexico City mayor who has vowed to root out corruption and make government contracts transparent, on Sunday won by a landslide while his leftist National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) took an outright majority in Congress.

The possible fine of more than 197 million pesos, slated to be put to a vote by the National Electoral Institute (INE) on July 18, would be the largest related to campaign financing for the recently concluded election season.

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Mexico’s new government will honor oil contracts if they are clean: top aide

07/04/2018 Reuters

oil-monahans-texas-sunset-70362.jpegOil and gas contracts awarded under the Mexican government’s energy reform will be respected by the incoming administration provided no problems emerge in a review of the tender process, the likely future finance minister said on Wednesday.

Leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador won Sunday’s presidential election by a landslide. Carlos Urzua, his choice for finance minister when he takes office in December, said energy contracts would be honored if everything was in order.

“If it looks good, on we go. It’s a contract we have to respect,” Urzua told Mexican television.

A former Mexico City mayor, Lopez Obrador has promised to root out corruption, and wants the contracts analyzed to ensure the process was not tainted.

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Mexico president-elect cheers meeting with business lobby

07/04/2018 Reuters

Andres_Manuel_Lopez_ObradorMexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Wednesday expressed confidence after a positive meeting with the country’s top business lobby, with the leftist saying that his government would not impose its will on others. (Reporting by Anthony Esposito Editing by Christine Murray)

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RIP PRI? Mexico’s ruling party in ‘intensive care’ after drubbing

07/04/2018 Reuters

PRI logoMexico’s ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, was one of the most successful brands in 20th-century politics, but a record defeat in Sunday’s presidential election has left its future hanging in the balance.

Pushed into third place with its worst-ever showing, the PRI candidate Jose Antonio Meade won just over 16 percent of the vote, less than a third of that garnered by the winner, veteran leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, preliminary results show.

The wipeout swept the country, shattering the centrist PRI in many traditional strongholds, including Atlacomulco, the hometown of the party’s outgoing President Enrique Pena Nieto, about 55 miles (89 km) from Mexico City.

“I never thought we could end up so low, and finish with such poor results,” said Enrique Jackson, a PRI lawmaker and former Senate leader. “It’s really upsetting.”

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Mexico’s president-elect shuns guards, asks ‘people’ for protection

07/03/2018 Reuters

obradorMexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador left the country’s national palace on Tuesday in the front passenger seat of a white Volkswagen Jetta, swarmed by hundreds of jubilant supporters including one waving a live rooster.

There was not a bodyguard in sight.

Since claiming victory on Sunday, the leftist politician has promised transformative change for Mexico. That includes ambitious plans to stem the corruption and violence that have become the status quo, though Lopez Obrador has yet to provide details.

Lopez Obrador’s approach to security is one of the first signs of how he is breaking from the mold of the typical Mexican presidency.

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