Excessive speed likely cause of accidents that killed 7 on Mexico-Cuernavaca


Source: Mexico News Daily

A series of four related accidents that left seven people dead and at least 15 injured on the Mexico-Cuernavaca toll highway Sunday were likely caused by extreme speeding, the federal highways agency (Capufe) said.

In total 13 motorcycles, two tractor-trailers, a white pickup truck and at least 12 other vehicles were involved in the crashes which closed the highway for five hours in the direction of Morelos.


Mexico builds replica Aztec temple to mark 500 years since Spanish conquest


Source: Reuters

MEXICO CITY, Aug 11 (Reuters) – Mexico is building a towering replica of the Templo Mayor, the Aztec civilisation’s most sacred site, in the downtown of Mexico City to mark 500 years since the Spanish conquest of the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan.

The mostly white mock temple will be on show in Mexico City’s bustling main square, the Zocalo, close to the ruins of the real Templo Mayor, where the Aztecs venerated two main deities with elaborate pageantry and sacrificial offerings.


Mexico’s richest man to rebuild, pay for collapsed subway


Source: Yahoo! News

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico’s richest man has pledged to rebuild and pay for a segment of a Mexico City subway line that collapsed on May, killing 26 people, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said Wednesday.

López Obrador said telecom and construction magnate Carlos Slim has promised to pay for the rebuilding out of his own pocket and have it back in service in a year. One of his companies had originally built much of the section where the collapse occurred.


Mexico’s President Says Carlos Slim Might Help Rebuild Collapsed Metro Line


MEXICO CITY — The business tycoon Carlos Slim is willing to repair part of Mexico City’s subway system, the country’s president said Wednesday, after investigations found that shoddy work by Mr. Slim’s engineering firm had caused part of a metro line to collapse last month, killing 26 people.

But it was not clear whether that meant Mr. Slim would absorb any of the cost of fixing the line, which failed less than nine years after it opened.


Mexico and Argentina recall ambassadors to Nicaragua amid Ortega crackdown


Source: Reuters

MEXICO CITY, June 21 (Reuters) – Mexico and Argentina have called on their ambassadors to Nicaragua to return to their respective capitals for consultations about the political situation in the Central American country, a joint statement issued by Mexico said on Monday.

“Concerning” actions by the Nicaraguan government, which has arrested several potential political rivals to President Daniel Ortega in recent weeks, have put the safety and freedom of some opposition figures and business leaders at risk, the statement said.


The Mexico City train crash political fallout enveloped two top presidential contenders.


Source: The New York Times

Their rivalry has long been a subject of speculation by pundits, and on Tuesday, two of Mexico’s brightest political stars were in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

After the deadly subway train crash in Mexico City, public anger on Tuesday turned toward the city’s mayor, Claudia Sheinbaum, and a former mayor who is now Mexico’s foreign minister, Marcelo Ebrard.


Years of Unheeded Warnings. Then the Subway Crash Mexico City Had Feared.


Source: The New York Times

MEXICO CITY — The capital had been bracing for the disaster for years.

Ever since it opened nearly a decade ago, the newest Mexico City subway line — a heralded expansion of the second largest subway system in the Americas — had been plagued with structural weaknesses that led engineers to warn of potential accidents. Yet other than a brief, partial shutdown of the line in 2014, the warnings went unheeded by successive governments.


At least 24 dead after Mexico City subway overpass collapses


Source: NBC News

A Mexico City subway train overpass collapsed onto a busy road below on Monday night, killing at least 24 people, including children, authorities said. More than 60 people were injured.

Photos and video from the scene showed mangled train cars hanging from the crumbled overpass and rescue personnel searching and transporting the injured on stretchers.


Storm causes structure over Aztec ruins to collapse in Mexico City


Source: Reuters

A roof that partly protected one of Mexico’s most important ancient sites collapsed under the weight of a major rain and hail storm late on Wednesday, causing minor damage to the ornate temple complex that once hosted the Aztec empire’s elite warriors.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador pledged on Thursday to repair any damages to the House of Eagles, which was covered by a large metal roof of modern construction that was toppled by the storm. The structure is adjacent to the ruins of the Aztecs’ holiest shrine, known as the Templo Mayor.


Mexico’s Zapatistas to visit Spain 500 years after conquest


Source: The Associated Press

ALTAMIRANO, Mexico (AP) — The Indigenous rebels of the Zapatista movement said Monday that they are planning to send a delegation by canoes on a trip to “invade” Spain in May and June as Mexico marks the anniversary of the 1519-1521 Spanish Conquest.

The Zapatistas said in announcing the trip that they hope to be in Madrid by Aug. 13, the date that marks 500 years since Mexico City was captured from the Aztecs by the Spaniards and their Indigenous allies.