Mexico asks U.S. for answers about alleged migrant detention abuse


Source: Reuters

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico said on Wednesday said it had formally requested a report from U.S. authorities regarding alleged negligent practices in U.S. immigration detention centers, citing accusations of sexual abuse and unauthorized hysterectomies.

The request come after a complaint by a whistleblower nurse alleging that detainees in a Georgia immigration detention facility had improperly received hysterectomies and other gynecological procedures.


Former U.S. Ambassador Earl Anthony Wayne reflects on AMLO’s meeting with Trump and Latin America


Source: Al Día

Earl Anthony Wayne was attracted to the foreign service from a young age when he became fascinated with other countries, particularly how their culture and history was different from his own.

He began to ponder the tough questions, like how countries fall into certain styles of government. What steps led to the adoption of a democracy, communism or a dictatorship?

The California native took his desire to learn about all the corners of the world and how they can work together to his years in higher education.


Trump Pushed Mexico to Block Its Border. A Migrant Caravan Tests It.

Source: The New York Times, 1/23/2020

Mexico Migrants

Pressured by threats from President Trump, Mexico beefed up security on its border with Guatemala. We witnessed a confrontation with the first migrant caravan of 2020.

“Last year, President Trump threatened Mexico with import tariffs if the country didn’t seal its southern border. So Mexico deployed a newly formed security force to block migrants from entering. Now this wave of some 4,000 migrants is putting enforcement here to its latest test.”

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U.S. and Mexico moving closer on need to develop Central America: Mexico

January 7, 2020 – Reuters


MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has sought to enlist U.S. support for his vision of stemming migration by creating more jobs and opportunities in Central America in the face of skepticism from his U.S. counterpart, Donald Trump.

In a speech to diplomats in Mexico City, Ebrard said when Lopez Obrador first put forward the idea in 2018, it looked “almost impossible” given Trump’s tough stance on migrants. “Today the positions are getting closer regarding this development initiative,” Ebrard said.

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Reporting by Dave Graham; Editing by Chizu Nomiyama and Steve Orlofsky

Tents, stench, smoke: Health risks are gripping migrant camp


11/14/19 – AP News

By Nomaan Merchant

A smoke-filled stench fills a refugee camp just a short walk from the U.S.-Mexico border, rising from ever-burning fires and piles of human waste. Parents and children live in a sea of tents and tarps, some patched together with garbage bags. Others sleep outside in temperatures that recently dropped to freezing.

Justina, an asylum seeker who fled political persecution in Nicaragua, is struggling to keep her 8-month-old daughter healthy inside the damaged tent they share. The baby, Samantha, was diagnosed with pneumonia and recently released from a hospital with a dwindling supply of antibiotics.

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US Adds Sixth City to Controversial ‘Remain in Mexico’ Program


10/29/19 – Voice of America

By Victoria Macchi

The U.S. added another city this week to the growing list of locations where asylum-seekers are being returned to Mexico to await their immigration court hearings.

Eagle Pass, Texas, a quiet city on the Rio Grande where border agents have carried out an increased number of migrant apprehensions this year, is the sixth city along the U.S.-Mexico border where the controversial program is under way.

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Illegal logging drops in Monarch butterfly wintering grounds

orange black and white butterfly on green leaf plant
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

10/28/19 – AP News

By Mark Stevenson

Tree loss in the wintering grounds of the monarch butterfly in central Mexico is down by about 25% this year compared to last year as a sharp drop in Illegal logging more than made up from an increase in tree deaths due to lack of water or disease, experts said Monday.

Monarchs need healthy tree cover to protect them rain or cold weather in the pine and fir mountaintop forests in Mexico where they spend the winter. Millions of monarchs make the 3,400-mile (5,500-kilometer) migration from the United States and Canada, and then return, each year, though no single butterfly lives to make the complete trip.

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Mexico: Risks at Border for Those With Disabilities


10/29/19 – Human Rights Watch

Asylum seekers with disabilities waiting in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico for their United States asylum applications to be processed face obstacles to getting basic services, Human Rights Watch said today. Mexico’s government should identify and ensure services for people with disabilities and chronic health conditions.

Human Rights Watch research in Ciudad Juárez – a city across the border from El Paso, Texas – found that the Mexican government does not have a proper system in place there to screen and identify asylum seekers with disabilities and chronic health conditions. The authorities have not ensured physical accessibility in shelters, even new ones. Nor are they consistently providing information about and access to health care for asylum seekers with disabilities or chronic health conditions.

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Hundreds of migrants corralled at detention center in Mexico


10/15/19 – AP News

By Benjamin Alfaro and Amy Guthrie

Hundreds of migrants from Africa, the Caribbean and Central America found themselves corralled in a migrant detention facility in southern Mexico on Sunday after a futile attempt to head north as part of a caravan aiming to reach the United States.

The group set out before sunrise Saturday from the town of Tapachula, where many had been marooned for months unsuccessfully trying to get transit visas. They carried heavy backpacks, babies and parcels on their heads.

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Mexico intercepts 2 trucks crowded with 243 migrants



10/04/19 – AP News

Mexican authorities say they have intercepted two trucks carrying 243 migrants in crowded conditions in the southern state of Chiapas.

A government statement says the vehicles were discovered in two separate incidents by federal authorities.

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