In photos: Vice President Kamala Harris heads to Guatemala and Mexico


Source: CNN

Vice President Kamala Harris is traveling to Guatemala and Mexico for her first foreign trip as vice president as part of her role leading diplomatic efforts to stem the flow of migration from Central America.

The Biden administration is under ongoing political pressure to stem the tide of migrants at the US southern border, and Harris is facing the first major diplomatic test of her vice presidency.


Mexico urges Austria to return Moctezuma’s headdress


Yahoo! News

Mexico’s president said Monday that he had given his wife the “almost impossible mission” of persuading Austria to return a feather headdress said to have been worn by Aztec emperor Moctezuma.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced on Twitter that he had asked Beatriz Gutierrez, a journalist and writer, to appeal to Austria to give back the pre-Hispanic relic during her cultural tour of Europe.


Former U.S. Ambassador Earl Anthony Wayne reflects on AMLO’s meeting with Trump and Latin America


Source: Al Día

Earl Anthony Wayne was attracted to the foreign service from a young age when he became fascinated with other countries, particularly how their culture and history was different from his own.

He began to ponder the tough questions, like how countries fall into certain styles of government. What steps led to the adoption of a democracy, communism or a dictatorship?

The California native took his desire to learn about all the corners of the world and how they can work together to his years in higher education.


Mexicans sue Walmart over Texas shooting that left victims on both sides of border

Photo by Flikr user elmada
Via Flikr – elmada

11/20/19 – Reuters

By Julia Love

Ten Mexican citizens have sued Walmart over the shooting at a store in the U.S. border town of El Paso, Texas, that killed eight Mexicans and left eight more injured, saying that Walmart did not do enough to protect its customers, Mexico said on Wednesday.

The suspected gunman told police he was targeting “Mexicans” in the August shooting, which killed 22 people in total.

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Former Bolivian president Morales heads to Mexico for asylum


11/12/19 – Reuters

By Daina Beth Solomon

Bolivia’s former president, Evo Morales, was flying to Mexico on Tuesday after fleeing his South American homeland, seeking refuge under a leftist government that has supported the veteran socialist in the wake of a disputed election.

Bolivia’s first indigenous president came under Mexico’s protection after he departed Bolivia late on Monday on a Mexican Air Force jet, Mexico’s Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said.

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Argentine, Mexican leaders meet on trade and cooperation

america map land brazil
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10/04/19 – AP News

By Peter Orsi

Argentine President-elect Alberto Fernández met with his Mexican soon-to-be counterpart Monday seeking to boost bilateral and regional cooperation in his first foreign trip since winning election last month.

Fernández said topics of discussion with Andrés Manuel López Obrador in their private conversations at Mexico’s National Palace included improving what he described as a deteriorated commercial relationship and mutual concerns over political upheaval in countries like Chile and Ecuador. He said they barely touched on the political standoff in Venezuela because both men’s stances are well-known.

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Prices exceed expectations at Mexican relics sale

Teotihuacan by Flikr user Laura Rush

09/19/19 – AP News

Not only did Mexico fail to stop a French auction house’s sale of about 120 pre-Hispanic artifacts, many sold for well above their estimated prices.

The Millon auction house says a stone statue of an Aztec goddess had an estimated pre-sale price of 40,000 to 60,000 euros. It sold for 377,000 euros.

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Mexico and Uruguay urge dialogue as Venezuela crisis deepens



america map land brazil
Photo by Pixabay on

09/19/20 – Reuters

By Stefanie Eschenbacher, Sharay Angulo, Corina Pons

Mexico and Uruguay said on Thursday that negotiations were the only acceptable way to achieve a peaceful solution to the deepening political and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, as they welcomed the release from jail of a top opposition figure.

In a joint statement both countries called for the release of all prisoners held in circumstances similar to key opposition figure Edgar Zambrano, vice president of the Venezuelan National Assembly, who was released on Sept. 16.

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Mexico asks French auctioneers to halt sale of artifacts

Teotihuacan by Flikr user Laura Rush09/17/19 – AP News

The Mexican government is asking a French auction house to halt the planned sale of a collection of about 120 pre-Hispanic artifacts, saying some are fakes and others should be returned to Mexico.

The relics are being offered by the French auction house Millon at a sale scheduled for Wednesday in Paris. The auction house did not respond to a request for comment.

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Mexico wants U.S. help to identify white supremacist threats

8/8/19 – Reuters

By Dave Graham


Mexico’s government on Wednesday pressed the United States to cooperate in helping to identify white supremacists that pose a threat to its citizens after a weekend shooting in El Paso, Texas that killed eight Mexican nationals.

A total of 22 people lost their lives in the shooting at a Walmart store, an event Mexico has vowed to investigate as an act of terrorism. It said it may also request the suspected perpetrator be extradited to Mexico for trial.

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