Mexico registers 9 archaeological zones with UNESCO for special protection

May 5, 2015

Fox News Latino, 5/4/2015

mexican-flag1Nine archaeological zones in Mexico have been entered into UNESCO’s International Register of Cultural Property under Special Protection, the Foreign Relations Secretariat said.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, or UNESCO, concluded the international process of registering nine zones that will have the institution’s special protection, the secretariat said in a statement.

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Beyond Cinco De Mayo: 14 Pictures That Transport You to Mexico

May 4, 2015

National Geographic, 5/2/2015

mexican-flag1This Tuesday, many Americans will drink margaritas and eat tacos in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, which means May 5 in Spanish.

“But if you ask why is anyone celebrating, no one knows,” says David Hayes-Bautista, an expert in Latin health and culture at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Often confused with Mexican Independence Day, which is September 16, Cinco de Mayo actually commemorates the victory of Mexican forces over the French in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.

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Mexico, US, Canada Groups Ask UN to List Monarch Butterfly Reserve as in Danger

April 15, 2015

Fox News, 4/14/2015

Activists from Mexico, the United States and Canada are asking the U.N. World Heritage Committee to include the Monarch butterfly wintering reserve on a list of sites considered in danger.

UNESCO designated the 139,000-acre (56,259 hectare) reserve in the mountains west of Mexico City a World Heritage site in 2008.

Monarchs from the U.S. and Canada migrate 3,400-miles (5,470-kilometers) each year to winter in the forest reserve.

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City in Mexico Bans Narco Songs

March 24, 2015

By Arron Daugherty, InSight Crime, 3/16/2015

musical noteA ban on music inspired by drug trafficking and organized crime bosses underscores the illicit trade’s impact on modern Mexican culture.

The city council in the capital of Mexico’s northern Chihuahua state has implemented a ban on performing and distributing a genre of music known as “narcocorridos” within city limits,reported Excelsior.

Violators are subject to fines of around $20,000 dollars and up to 36 hours in jail. Chihuahua state’s legislature approved a statewide ban on narcocorridos in 2011, but it was never implemented by municipalities. The capital’s city council has decided to put the ban into action and stiffen the penalties as they believe narcocorridos promote crime and violence while apologizing for and glorifying organized crime figures, according to Excelsior.

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On St. Patrick’s Day, Mexico remembers the Irishmen who fought for Mexico against the US

March 18, 2015

PRI, 3/17/2015

mexican-flag1“Every St Patrick’s Day, the first toast that I make is in honor of the San Patricios,” says Martin Paredes, a Mexican blogger based in the US. “A group of Irishmen came to the defense of Mexico, and many of them died in defense of Mexico. That has to be lauded as one of the greatest honors ever, because they were fighting for an adopted nation — and they died for an adopted nation.”

The story is pretty complex and goes back to the Mexican-American War, from 1846 to 1848.

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Study: Lighter-skinned Have Better Job Prospects in Mexico, as Racial Discrimination Endures

February 20, 2015

Fox News, 2/19/2015

A new study says racial and ethnic discrimination continues to be an obstacle for many in the Mexican labor market.

The Project on Ethnicity and Race in Latin America reports that the study determined lighter-skinned Mexicans with a university education are 11 percent more likely to win a higher-paying job than their darker-skinned counterparts.

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Monarch Butterflies Rebound in Mexico, Numbers Still Low

January 27, 2015

By Mark Stevenson, 1/27/2015

monarch butterfly photoThe number of Monarch butterflies that reached wintering grounds in Mexico has rebounded 69 percent from last year’s lowest-on-record levels, but their numbers remain very low, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

Last year, the Monarchs covered only 1.65 acres (0.67 hectares), the smallest area since record-keeping began in 1993.

This year, the butterflies rebounded, to cover 2.79 acres (1.13 hectares), according to a formal census by Mexican environmental authorities and scientists released Tuesday.

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