Immigration reform a regional matter – #MexFacts

MexFact - Migration Numbers

“While US immigration policy is a sovereign concern, the country does not function in a void. Major demographic, economic, and social changes are sweeping across Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras that are altering the dynamics of the regional migration system and challenging the status quo.”

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Mexico now a farm labor exporter AND importer – #MexFacts

MexFact - Farm Labor

Mexico is the major supplier of hired labor to US farms, and Guatemala has now become a supplier of farm labor to Mexico. Click here to learn more…

Mexico has seen little to no migration of nurses for work in the U.S. – #MexFacts

MexFact - Nurse Migration

To read more about how effective management of migration across countries might help meet demand for health services, read:

3 reasons why illegal immigration from Mexico is down – #MexFacts

MexFact - Immigration down

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