The time a president deported 1 million Mexican Americans for supposedly stealing U.S. jobs

08/13/18 Washington Post

Photo: N.Y. Daily News archive/Getty Images

On Feb. 26, 1931, a sunny Sunday in Los Angeles, hundreds gathered for an afternoon of relaxation in La Placita park in the heart of the city’s Mexican community.

Suddenly, a large group of plainclothes officers armed with guns and batons entered the park. Two officers were posted at each entrance to La Placita so that no one could leave. Dozens of flatbed trucks circled the park’s perimeter.

Officers rounded up all the people with brown skin, said Joseph Dunn, a former Democratic state senator from California, who researched this forgotten episode of U.S. history.

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Mexico troops find 150 Central Americans in back of truck

08/04/18 Reuters

mexican immigrantSome 150 Central American migrants, including 62 children, were found inside the back of trailer when the vehicle was stopped at a highway checkpoint, the Mexican government said on Saturday.

Federal police and Mexican immigration officials discovered the migrants while searching trucks on a highway in the southeastern state of Tabasco, according to joint statements from the federal police and immigration authorities.

Tens of thousands of Central Americans fleeing violence and poverty in their homelands try to pass through Mexico to the United States every year, often transported by human traffickers who subject them to dangerous conditions.

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‘It’s an absolute disgrace’: tears and anger as wife of US marine deported to Mexico

08/03/18 The Guardian

Photograph: Joey Roulette/Reuters

The 16-year-old American daughter of a US marine held back tears as long as she could before her family was split in two.

Her mother, Alejandra Juarez, was finally leaving for Mexico, rather than be sent off in handcuffs, after exhausting all options to stop her deportation.

“My mom is a good person. She’s not a criminal,” Pamela said, cursing at the immigration agency before her mother checked in on Friday for her flight from Orlando international airport.

Alejandra and Temo Juarez, a naturalized citizen who runs a roofing business, quietly raised Pamela and their nine-year-old daughter, Estela, in the central Florida town of Davenport until a 2013 traffic stop exposed her legal status.

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Mexico condemns anti-immigrant chants outside New York consulate

07/31/2018 Reuters

luis videgarayMexico’s Foreign Ministry has condemned protesters that it said shouted racist comments and distributed anti-migrant leaflets outside its New York consulate last week.

“On Saturday a group of racist, ignorant and xenophobic people were at our consulate in NY,” Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray wrote on Twitter on Tuesday. “We reject and condemn these events.”

Members of a group calling itself Identity Evropa, some dressed as construction workers, demonstrated on Saturday outside the consulate, holding large letters that spelled “Build the Wall.” Identity Evropa has said it is dedicated to defending people of European heritage.

Mexico’s government said it had written a diplomatic note to the U.S. State Department about the incident, which it said worsened the climate for the country’s relationship with the United States.

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Tucker Carlson identifies the actual threat to American democracy: Hispanic voters

07/17/18 The Washington Post

childrenFor reaction to President Trump’s poorly received summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Fox News’s “The Five” on Monday turned to the network’s Tucker Carlson, still on the ground in Helsinki.

Host Greg Gutfeld complained about the response to the summit, claiming that the media blamed Putin for Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016 and was demanding a “pound of flesh.”

“I’m not a shrink so I don’t fully understand it,” Carlson replied. “I don’t think Russia is our close friend or anything like that. I think of course they’re trying to interfere in our affairs. They have for a long time. Many countries do, some more successfully than Russia.”

“Like Mexico, which is routinely interfering in our elections by packing our electorate,” he continued, with laughter in the background. “So those are all concerns. I just don’t understand why we need to believe that Russia is the primary issue of American political life.”

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Exclusive: Mexico opposes U.S. plan to make it take asylum seekers – document, source

07/12/2018 Reuters

migrantesMexico is opposed to a U.S. request to make people seeking asylum in the United States apply in Mexico instead, according to a source and a briefing note, in a setback to U.S. efforts to deepen cooperation on immigration before a leftist president takes office.

U.S. officials believe a deal known as a “Safe Third Country Agreement,” could prove a deterrent to thousands of Central Americans who travel through Mexico each year to seek U.S. asylum, clogging immigration courts and causing a headache for U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration.

Yet despite growing U.S. pressure for it to accept the treaty, Mexico views the proposal as a red line it will not cross, according to the briefing note prepared for Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray for a meeting he had with U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in Guatemala on Tuesday.

“Mexico is not in the position to accept a safe third country agreement, as the United States has proposed on previous occasions,” the note says.

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In Mexico, Trump’s child separations trigger wrenching decisions

06/20/2018 Reuters

Border fence by couchlearnerEpigmenio Centeno had hoped to cross the Mexican border into the United States in the coming months, but he and his wife have shelved their plans for fear of being separated from their two sons under U.S. President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy.

The family’s quandary mirrors life-changing decisions being made all the way from Central America to the Mexico-U.S. border, as migrant families en route to the United States take pause to consider whether losing sight of their children is worse than the violence back home.

A postal courier from El Salvador, Centeno, 40, began his journey north with his family more than a year ago, when he found himself targeted in a brutal territorial battle between Central America’s two most violent gangs, MS-13 and Calle 18.

The family spent months seeking Mexican refugee status, a step taken by more and more Central Americans heading north, to allow them to avoid extortion or deportation while they gather resources to make the next move into the United States.

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