U.S. immigration arrests fall under Trump as resources shift to the border

3/22/2019 – Reuters

By Mica Rosenberg

REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson/File Photo

(Reuters) – U.S. immigration arrests fell under President Donald Trump at the end of 2018 compared to the same period a year earlier, a drop authorities attributed to a growing need to deal with “alarming rates” of migrant families at the border.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials said on Thursday that enforcement resources were stretched thin in the interior of the country as agents deal with an overflow of Central Americans seeking asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Immigration authorities said the agency arrested 34,546 people living in the country illegally in October through December of last year – the first quarter of the 2019 fiscal year. That was a 12 percent drop from the 39,328 people arrested during the same period a year earlier.

“Our interior arrests have been affected because I have had to redirect” resources to address the “alarming rate” of arrivals at the border, said Nathalie Asher, executive associate director of ICE’s enforcement and removal operations, on a conference call with reporters.

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Cradling children, migrant families cross border in waves

3/22/2019 – The Washington Post

MCALLEN, Texas — A mother cradled a crying toddler as she waited in line with 20 other women to shower. Dozens of fathers quietly held their children’s hands in an enclosure made of chain-link fencing.

While these families were held at an overcrowded Border Patrol processing center, a fresh wave of migrants crossed the nearby river separating the U.S. and Mexico and waited for border agents to bring them to the same facility. One Honduran woman carried a feverish 7-month-old baby.

The cycle is repeated multiple times a day. Waves of desperate families are trying to cross the border almost hourly and entering an overtaxed government detention system.

The Border Patrol has become so overwhelmed in feeding and caring for the migrants that it announced plans this week to start releasing some families onto the street in the Rio Grande Valley to ease overcrowding in the processing center, providing the immigrants with a notice to appear at an upcoming court date.

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Asylum seekers waiting in Mexico seek to stay in US

3/20/2019 – The Washington Post

SAN DIEGO — Several asylum seekers who are being forced to wait in Mexico while their cases wind through U.S. immigration court told a judge Tuesday that they are afraid to return to Mexico as they await their next hearing — a development that introduces a new wrinkle to a major U.S. policy shift.

The seven cases being heard in a downtown San Diego courtroom are among the first to advance under the Trump administration policy that calls for people seeking asylum in the U.S. to be held in Mexico.

The initial appearances came three days before a federal judge in San Francisco is set to hear arguments by advocacy groups to halt the policy.

Attorney Robyn Barnard asked for access — at least by telephone — to any interviews conducted with her Honduran client with U.S. officials about whether his fears of returning to Mexico are well-founded.

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Immigrant dies in Border Patrol custody, 4th death in recent months

3/20/2019 – The Hill


By Chris Mills Rodrigo

A 40-year-old Mexican immigrant died in Customs and Border Protection (CBP) custody Monday, the fourth time a person has died after being apprehended by the agency in recent months.

The CBP says that the man, who has not been identified, died at the Las Palmas Medical Center after being arrested for illegal re-entry on Sunday.

The agency says the man was diagnosed with flu-like symptoms, liver failure and renal failure.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and his loved ones,” CBP Assistant Commissioner for Public Affairs Andrew Meehan said in a statement. “CBP remains committed to ensuring the safe, humane and dignified treatment of those within the care of our custody. Consistent with CBP policy, CBP’s Office of Professional Responsibility has initiated a review.

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Trump Crackdown Unnerves Immigrants, and the Farmers Who Rely on Them

3/18/2019 – The New York Times

Capture.PNGBy Christina Goldbaum 

HOMER, N.Y. — The fears weigh on Mike McMahon: If one of his undocumented workers gets a traffic ticket, it could prompt an immigration audit of his entire farm. If another gets detained by immigration agents at a roadside checkpoint or in a supermarket parking lot, the rest may flee. And if his undocumented work force disappears overnight, there is no one to replace them.

“It keeps me up at night,” said Mr. McMahon, who owns a dairy farm south of Syracuse. “There are people out there who just say, ‘Send them all back and build a wall.’ But they would be facing empty shelves in the grocery store if that were to happen.”

It has long been an open secret in upstate New York that the dairy industry has been able to survive only by relying on undocumented immigrants for its work force. Now, this region has become a national focal point in the debate over President Trump’s crackdown on undocumented immigrants and their role in agriculture.

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U.S. has sent 240 migrants back to Mexico under experimental policy, which has expanded along California border

3/13/2019 – The Washington Post

Homeland Security officials said Tuesday they have sent 240 migrants back to Mexico since January under an experimental new policy that requires Central American asylum seekers to wait outside U.S. territory while their asylum claims are processed.

The policy, known as “Migrant Protection Protocols,” has been expanded in recent days to the Calexico port of entry in California, said Department of Homeland Security officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the implementation of the measures.

A small number of migrants who were arrested for crossing illegally between U.S. ports of entry in the San Diego area also have been returned to Mexico under MPP, DHS officials said.

29 parents deported after being separated from their children reenter US asking to be reunited

3/4/2019 – The Hill

migrants-mexico_border_06222018_0.jpgBy Owen Daugherty

Nearly 30 parents crossed the southern border into the U.S. Saturday asking to be reunited with the children they were separated from after being deported over the course of last year.

The 29 parents came from countries across Central America and crossed into the U.S. Saturday evening demanding for asylum hearing in hopes of reunited with their children, according to the Washington Post.

The parents were aided in their journey to the U.S.-Mexico border by a team of immigration lawyers who are attempting to fight back against the Trump administrations family separation policy that impacted thousands last year.

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