Mexican Officials Say 273 Corpses Were on Wandering Truck

New York Times – 9/20/2018

barbed-wire-blur-close-up-300952MEXICO CITY — A wandering refrigerated truck carrying corpses from an overflowing morgue in Mexico actually contained 273 bodies, not 157 as originally stated.

Officials described late Wednesday how the truck was forced to move around the outskirts of the western city of Guadalajara as neighbors and officials objected to its grisly cargo, and the smell.

A total of 444 bodies had piled up at the state morgue, as Mexico suffered a 17 percent surge in homicides so far this year. Forty-nine of those bodies remained in the morgue, 273 were crammed onto the truck and 122 were kept in a second refrigerated trailer in the morgue parking lot.

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Judge refuses to delay US trial of ‘El Chapo’

09/21/2018 – The Washington Post

 (Eduardo Verdugo, File/Associated Press)

A U.S. judge on Thursday rejected a request to put off the trial of notorious Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

Lawyers for Guzman told U.S. District Judge Brian Cogan at a hearing in federal court in Brooklyn that they needed more time to review evidence in the drug-trafficking case.

But the judge said he was sticking with a schedule that has jury selection beginning on Nov. 5. He had already agreed in July to delay the trial by two months.

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Rights Group Accuses Mexican Armed Forces of Unlawful Killings

09/20/2018 – The New York Times

federal police mexicoMexican troops and police committed two extrajudicial killings while confronting presumed fuel thieves in the central state of Puebla in May 2017, a Mexican human rights group said on Wednesday, adding to allegations of abuse against the military.

A report by the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) said police and troops manipulated the scene by placing high-caliber firearms beside the two bodies. Eight other people died and 13 people, including four minors, were detained with excessive force, the report said.

Neither the defense ministry nor the Puebla police force responded to requests for comment. The state government declined to comment.

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Second Mexican Official Fired Over Scandal of Bodies Stored in Truck

09/20/2018 – The New York Times

barbed-wire-blur-close-up-300952Mexican authorities said on Wednesday they had fired the top prosecutor in Jalisco state, the second official to lose his job after the discovery of a container truck holding the bodies of hundreds of victims of the country’s drug war.

Authorities are struggling to manage the death toll in the western state, which is home to one of the country’s most powerful drug gangs and has already seen a record number of killings this year.

With morgues at capacity, a refrigerated semi-trailer truck filled with corpses was found in a warehouse on the outskirts of the state capital and, later, near a residential neighborhood, touching off an uproar.

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‘We don’t want Maradona’: Soccer legend gets a mixed welcome in Mexico’s Sinaloa

9/19/2018 – Washington Post

Marco Ugarte/AP

 The president-elect of Mexico, a man capable of convening massive crowds, passed through this coastal city on Monday morning and raised little more than a ripple.

The same afternoon, one of the living legends of major league baseball, Fernando Valenzuela, was left mostly in peace as he ate lunch with other retired ballplayers in the restaurant of the Hotel Lucerna.

The reporters and TV crews who had convened in the hotel lobby were more interested in another new arrival: a 57-year-old, short, paunchy Argentine man with graying stubble and a pronounced limp who had taken up residence in a seventh-floor suite and had hardly been seen for a week.

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Mexico Fires Morgue Director in Corpse Scandal

09/18/2018 – The New York Times

barbed-wire-blur-close-up-300952.jpgThe governor of the western Mexico state of Jalisco has fired the director of the state morgue after a refrigerated truck carrying 157 unidentified bodies drew complaints from neighbors over the smell.

Jalisco Gov. Aristoteles Sandoval said he had ordered the ouster of the director of the Jalisco Forensics Institute for what he called “indolence and negligence.”

But the former director, Luis Octavio Cotero, told local media on Tuesday he had warned prosecutors two years ago that the state’s overflowing morgue couldn’t handle the number of bodies piling up amid Mexico’s rising wave of homicides.


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Mobile Morgue Angers Mexicans as Drug War Corpses Overwhelm Authorities

09/18/2018 – The New York Times

barbed-wire-blur-close-up-300952.jpgAuthorities in western Mexico swamped by mounting murders from the country’s drug war have resorted to storing dozens of corpses in a refrigerated container truck that in recent days has been parked in several towns, angering residents.

The semi-trailer truck was noticed last week in a warehouse of a suburb on the outskirts of Mexico’s second largest city Guadalajara, drawing the ire of the mayor of the borough, who said it was illegally parked. It then turned up, apparently abandoned, next to houses in a field further from the city, where neighbors complained it was emitting a powerful stench.

Following complaints, by Monday authorities had moved it to a warehouse near Jalisco state prosecutor’s office in Guadalajara, an official at the office said, declining to provide his name as he was not authorized to speak about the matter. The official said about 150 bodies were stored in the truck’s container.


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