Gold bar found beneath Mexico City street was part of Moctezuma’s treasure

Source: Reuters
Reporting by David Alire Garcia; Editing by Clarence Fernandez, Robert Birsel


MEXICO CITY – A new scientific analysis of a large gold bar found decades ago in downtown Mexico City reveals it was part of the plunder Spanish conquerors tried to carry away as they fled the Aztec capital after native warriors forced a hasty retreat.

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Mexico’s Videgaray Visiting White House, Nielsen

09/13/2018 – The New York Times

Videgaray 1Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray is traveling to Washington to discuss bilateral issues, security and immigration with White House officials and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, his ministry said on Wednesday.


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Starbucks opens Mexico City cafe staffed by seniors

9/6/2018 – The Washington Post

(Gene J. Puskar/AP)

Starbucks customers in Mexico City may notice something distinct about one particular coffee shop’s new employees: They’re all seniors.

The company recently opened its first cafe operated by people ages 50 and older, in partnership with the National Institute for Older Persons (INAPAM), a government welfare program in Mexico. Fourteen older workers will run the shop.

“It’s becoming more difficult to employ people over 40 years of age,” said Christian Gurria, the chief executive of Starbucks Mexico, according to Reuters. “But the need to keep elderly people in work exists. If the opportunity is there, I’m happy to help.”

Starbucks said the opening builds on an employment agreement it signed with INAPAM in 2011 to offer job opportunities to seniors to help boost their quality of life.

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Mexico delivers a World Cup earthquake with defeat of Germany, the defending champ

06/18/18 The Washington Post

football-ball-sport-soccer-50713.jpegClose your eyes, and you would have sworn you had stepped into Estadio Azteca, that madhouse in Mexico City.

“Cielito Lindo,” punctuated by the familiar “ay-ay-ay-ay” singalong, graced the sound system during World Cup pregame frolicking here Sunday.

There was also the unscripted noise, that incredible boom that rattles the brain, created by tens of thousands of Mexican soccer supporters, many from homes in the United States, who have journeyed extraordinary distances to watch perhaps the country’s most capable team.

Open your eyes, and you would have seen section after section glazed in green, up and down Luzhniki Stadium, easily outnumbering those backing the opposition, reigning champion Germany.

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Bike theft puts the brakes on China’s Mobike in Mexico City

05/31/2018 Reuters

Mexico CIty Cathedral Photo by Flickr user worldsurferChinese bike-sharing company Mobike entered the Latin American market in Mexico City this year drawn by its millions of potential clients. Now it has run into a problem increasingly plaguing the country: street crime.

Theft has been so widespread that in the past few days, dozens of the app’s customers have complained on social media about the lack of available bicycles. Many of them told Reuters they are thinking hard about switching to the competition.

Mobike, the largest bike-sharing company in the world, said shortages were due to theft as well as growing demand for the 500 bicycles available in a small part of the capital while it awaits clearance from city authorities to expand further.

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As NAFTA talks continue, your hamburger hangs in the balance

01/30/2018 The Washington Post

burgerFew meals are more American than a burger and fries, the combo McDonald’s made globally famous. But few Americans probably realize how much the affordability of that classic meal depends on a free-trade agreement.

French fries from Canada. Tomatoes from Mexico. Beef sourced from a supply chain that crosses all three countries. When it comes to dinner, there’s plenty at stake in the North American Free Trade Agreement, whose future was being negotiated at a sixth round of talks in Montreal on Monday.

Negotiators from Mexico, Canada and the United States expect to spend several more months working to revise the treaty after President Trump repeatedly threatened to withdraw. NAFTA has allowed billions of dollars of agricultural commodities to travel each year among the three countries.

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Border apprehensions, views of immigrants, 10 demographic trends

pew hispanic trends

April 15, 2016

Apprehensions of Mexican migrants at U.S. borders reach near-historic low

The number of Mexican migrants apprehended at U.S. borders in fiscal 2015 dropped to the lowest levels in nearly 50 years. This change comes after a period in which net migration of Mexicans to the U.S. had fallen to lows not seen since the 1940s. READ MORE >

Americans’ views of immigrants marked by widening partisan, generational divides

Republicans and Democrats continue to disagree deeply over immigration policies, including how to deal with undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. and whether to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Underlying these differences is a substantial – and growing – partisan divide over whether immigrants generally are a strength or burden on the country. READ MORE >

10 demographic trends that are shaping the U.S. and the world

Americans are more racially and ethnically diverse than in the past, and the U.S. is projected to be even more diverse in the coming decades. These demographic changes are shifting the electorate – and American politics. The 2016 electorate will be the most diverse in U.S. history due to strong growth among Hispanic eligible voters, particularly U.S.-born youth.
Demographic research: From multiracial children to gender identity, what demographers are studying now

Latinos in the 2016 Election: State Fact Sheets

The state fact sheets contain data on the size and social and economic characteristics of the Hispanic and non-Hispanic eligible voter populations. READ MORE >

April 19 primary: New York
April 19 primary: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island

Did You Know?…

07/30/15 Mexico Institute

Mexican Immigration- Did You knowUnauthorized migration has already become a major issue of the upcoming 2016 elections. With so many voices, players and opinions, it may become hard to tell fact from fiction. This summer, the Pew Research Center came out with new data and numbers on the topic. Here are a few facts to know about Mexican migration.

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Why Mexico Is an ‘Undiscovered Opportunity’ for Entrepreneurs

1/15/2015 Inc.Magazine

businessIt was 2008 when Paul Ahlstrom from Alta Ventures chose Mexico as the next big opportunity to create and promote a venture capital industry. It’s been a long time since then. I was able to visit Monterrey, Mexico a couple months back and see a growing startup ecosystem in Mexico that was starting to become noticed. Here’s a brief overview of the last six years, during which Mexico developed into an operational entrepreneurship ecosystem and one of the best options for the entrepreneurs in Latin America.

For a long time the roadmap to success for anyone in Mexico was; go to a private university and get a job in a big company, climb your way up, and end up having a great and secure job. This has changed so radically that today we find that recently graduated engineers are looking to create a startups instead of accepting a job offer in the U.S. In a short time there has been the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem that’s growing in every aspect: startups, funding and education. Recent statistics for Mexico show that:

  • Each year approximately 118,000 engineers graduate from college
  • 80 universities are focusing on engineering as their main area of knowledge
  • There are 45 venture capital funds
  • There are 100 accelerators and 20 incubators
  • 6.3% of people between the ages of 18 and 24 own their company.

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Map that shows economic ties between Mexico and the U.S.


Secretaria de Economia, 05/21/14

Did you know that  6 million U.S. jobs depend on trade with Mexico?

Find out more about the economic ties between Mexico and the U.S. on this map