Leftist president hopeful vows to erase Mexico’s corruption

11/20/2017 ABC News

Mexico’s leftist Morena party on Monday made eradicating corruption the centerpiece of its platform as its leader Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador runs for the presidency in next year’s elections.

Thousands of Morena’s most fervent supporters packed the capital’s National Auditorium to watch party bigwigs vote unanimously in support of the plan for governing if Lopez Obrador wins.

“We have in our hands the possibility of ending corruption,” Lopez Obrador said. “We’re going to banish it from our country.”

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Mexico report flags shortcomings in fight against corruption

11/4/2017 Reuters

corruptionMEXICO CITY  – The Mexican government has noted serious shortcomings in its fight against corruption in a classified report seen by Reuters, which was prepared ahead of an international evaluation of the country’s efforts to combat money laundering.

The undated government report estimated that the drug trade, tax fraud and other crimes were worth at least 1.13 trillion pesos ($58.5 billion) a year in Mexico, with all of that money susceptible to money laundering.

In October last year the government published a much shorter official version of the findings, which broadly described the risks of money laundering without going into detail.

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Engineers: lives lost in Mexico quake could have been saved

10/10/2017 Washington Post

Related imageMEXICO CITY — Warm lighting would enhance the wood floors’ natural glow, the developer promised, so when all the custom lightbulbs burnt out, Anahi Abadia and her husband grudgingly drove to Home Depot to replenish supplies for their chic new flat in southern Mexico City.

They had just reached the register when the earthquake hit, shaking the store so fiercely the structure screeched. Minutes later, a text came in from their neighbor: The elegant apartment they had purchased only six months earlier had collapsed, rendering their new home a pile of crushed concrete.

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Mexicans hope earthquake will shake up corrupt system

10/10/2017 Financial Times

The earthquake that killed 228 people in Mexico City last month has provoked a painful public debate about the role endemic corruption played in the destruction.

Did the Enrique Rébsamen school, where 19 children and seven adults died, collapse because of an apparently unauthorised extension to the owner’s apartment perched on the top that city officials failed to stop? Did the six-storey office building where the last quake victim’s body was recovered fall down because it was only supposed to have two floors?

Official investigations are under way into these and other alleged irregularities laid bare by the September 19 quake that has magnified scrutiny of what President Enrique Peña Nieto once called Mexico’s “cultural” corruption.

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Will Latest Ex-Governor Captured in Mexico Face Extradition?

10/9/2017 InSight Crime

Authorities in Mexico have arrested a former governor of the embattled state of Tamaulipas on charges of embezzlement and misuse of public funds. His capture raises questions over issues related to the timing of his arrest, as well as whether he will face justice in Mexico.

On October 6, Tamaulipas state police arrested Eugenio Hernández Flores, who governed the state between 2005 and 2010, in Ciudad Victoria, according to a press release from the local Attorney General’s Office.

In a movie-like scene, Hernández Flores was allegedly captured while driving his BMW motorcycle with a group of friends. Helicopters descended on him from above and hooded men exited a van to intercept the former governor on the ground, Animal Político reported.

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Mexico City prosecutors open criminal inquiries into buildings damaged in the deadly earthquake

10/05/2017 LA Times

justice-systemIt hit the headlines as Ground Zero of a catastrophe, but the Enrique Rebsamen school soon became a global focus of hope amid the devastation of last month’s 7.1 magnitude earthquake.

Breathless TV reports recounted the inspirational tale of Frida Sofia — the 12-year-old who had miraculously survived in the rubble following the collapse of a school wing that killed 19 fellow students and seven adults.

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Former Tamaulipas governor arrested in Mexico

10/06/2017 Financial Times

PRI logoAnother former governor from Mexico’s ruling PRI party – the fourth this year — has been arrested on corruption charges.

Eugenio Hernández was arrested in the state capital Ciudad Victoria, the state government said. He governed the northern state of Tamaulipas from 2005 to 2010 and has been charged by US prosecutors in connection with an alleged money laundering conspiracy.

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