Chinese Manufacturers Get Around US Tariffs With Some Help From Mexico

Source: Bloomberg


When César Santos was growing up in the 1960s, he spent his weekends surrounded by horses and cattle on his father’s ranch outside Monterrey, Mexico. Today, a red monolith emblazoned with the words “Hofusan Industrial Park” announces that the patch of dusty wasteland has a new purpose.

Located in a prime spot between Mexico’s industrial capital and the US border, Hofusan has become a haven for Chinese manufacturers looking to sidestep US tariffs and shorten supply chains that have been strained to a breaking point during the pandemic. The 11 plants and warehouses on the 850-hectare (2,100-acre) estate are part of the latest chapter in Chinese capitalism: The country dubbed the world’s factory now also exports white-collar managers to set up and run operations in places such as Vietnam, Thailand, and Mexico.

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Mexico, US to invest nearly US $500 million in Tijuana River cleanup

Source: Mexico News Daily


Mexico and the United States will together invest almost US $500 million in a range of sewage treatment projects designed to clean up the heavily polluted Tijuana River, which flows into the Pacific Ocean just north of the border in San Diego County.

At a ceremony held earlier this month at the Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve in Imperial Beach, California, Mexican and U.S. officials signed an agreement that commits to funding 17 priority projects. The International Boundary and Water Commission pact pledges almost $144 million in Mexican funding and at least $330 million in U.S. spending for a total outlay of approximately $474 million.

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Biden to discuss immigration, trade with Mexico’s president

Source: AP News


President Joe Biden is meeting with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Tuesday for discussions the White House says will showcase the underlying strength of a relationship that of late has been more notable for the leaders’ disagreements on issues including energy and Ukraine policy.

López Obrador declined Biden’s invitation to the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles last month after unsuccessfully urging the U.S. to include the leaders of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela — all countries with anti-democratic regimes. The Mexican leader also has called U.S. support for Ukraine in its war with Russia “a crass error” and criticized the U.S. for moving more swiftly to provide military funding to Ukraine than financial aid to Central America.


Citizens go searching for water in Nuevo León

Source: Mexico News Daily


Some Monterrey residents are undertaking “pilgrimages” in search of water due to the harsh restrictions currently in place in the metropolitan area of the Nuevo León capital.

As of early June, running water has only been available six hours per day – if at all – as authorities seek to alleviate water shortages precipitated by drought in the northern border state.

A Milenio TV report said that hundreds of residents of Monterrey and surrounding municipalities are going to parks and squares to search for taps with running water where they can fill up buckets, 20-liter water bottles called garrafones and other receptacles. Others line up for hours to get water from water tank trucks called pipas.


La democracia es el ingrediente esencial para el futuro de América: Biden en Cumbre

Fuente: Sin Embargo


El Presidente de Estados Unidos, Joe Biden, ha inaugurado este miércoles formalmente la Cumbre de las Américas en Los Ángeles y ha declarado que la democracia es un “sello distintivo de la región”.

“Al reunirnos de nuevo este miércoles, en un momento en el que la democracia está siendo asaltada en todo el mundo, unámonos de nuevo y renovemos nuestra convicción de que la democracia no es sólo el rasgo que define las historias de América, sino el ingrediente esencial para el futuro de América”, ha recalcado Biden en el discurso de apertura de la Cumbre.”


Restrictions cut water service to six hours a day in Monterrey, Nuevo León

Source: Mexico News Daily


Monterrey has a new surefire plan to deal with water shortages: to only make water available for six hours a day.

The taps of 5.3 million citizens living in Monterrey’s Metropolitan Zone and in neighboring municipalities have only been of use from 4-10 a.m. since Saturday, after the director of Servicios de Agua y Drenaje de Monterrey, the company that manages water in Nuevo León, announced the strategy.

Juan Ignacio Barragán Villarreal said the new water schedule would replace the “Water for Everyone” program, which had seen water cuts for one day a week rotating around different areas of the city since March 22.


Ex gobernador César Duarte llega a Chihuahua; es ingresado al CERESO de Aquiles Serdán


Fuente: Zeta Tijuana

César Horacio Duarte Jáquez, ex gobernador de Chihuahua -del 4 de octubre del 2010 a 3 de octubre del 2016-, quien es acusado de asociación delictuosa y peculado ante el desvío de un total 96.6 millones de pesos, hacia dos de sus empresas, entre los años 2011 y 2014, llegó la tarde del 2 de junio, al Aeropuerto Internacional de Chihuahua, procedente de la Ciudad de México, luego de ser extraditado por el Gobierno de Estados Unidos.


US officials say Mexico is once again providing visas to drug enforcement agents

Source: Mexico News Daily

The federal government is once again issuing visas that allow United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents to work in Mexico, a U.S. official said Tuesday.

Broadcaster CNN reported almost two months ago that Mexico had not processed visa applications for 24 DEA agents this year.


AMLO wants to talk about economy, migration, and coronavirus

Source: Mexico Daily Post

The leaders of the United States, Mexico, and Canada will discuss the economic integration of North America, immigration and the coronavirus pandemic at a summit this week, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Monday.

Lopez Obrador is due to hold talks with U.S. President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Washington on Thursday at the first in-person meeting of the leaders of the three nations since 2016. Only Trudeau was in office last time.


Mexico’s Slim to fix collapsed metro line at no cost within a year


Source: Reuters

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim’s construction firm will repair a collapsed Mexico City metro line at no cost to the government so that it can re-open in a year, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Wednesday.

The accident last month on an elevated stretch of the busy Line 12, which was built by Slim’s Grupo Carso, killed 26 people. Lopez Obrador said Slim told him in a meeting on Tuesday that he would cover the entire cost of rebuilding.