Mexico issues 7,000 temporary documents to migrants in south


Source: ABC News

Mexico’s migration agency has issued nearly 7,000 temporary documents and transit visas over the last few days to members of a migrant caravan which by Saturday had broken up in southern Mexico.

Hundreds of people were heading north in buses while others were spread out over various towns north of Tapachula, near the Guatemalan border, resting or waiting to receive money from relatives to continue their trip to the United States.

In its statement, the Mexican migration agency did not specify what kind of documents were issued but most of the migrants showed papers that gave them a period of one month or more to leave the country or begin regularization procedures in Mexico. Most want to use the documents to reach the U.S. border.


One thought on “Mexico issues 7,000 temporary documents to migrants in south

  1. Jorge Gomez

    Unfortunately Mexico abd especialy border cities are not in condirion to handle masive migration and deported to border areas , the city of Tijuana is broke ,the parallel goverment cobrando piso is a de facto goverment a taco in the corner pays 15,000 in brives to stay there abd thousands like it .there is no migrant intent to live in the city but to leave it asap to the USA and crossings are up to 5-7 hrs for Ca .workers that live in Tj imposible to cross the border rents in the us are very expensive and only people working in the US can today pay or buy homes


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