The Border Patrol’s 2 New Tent Camps Cost $37 Million. Take a Look Inside.

5/3/2019 – The New York Times

 Callaghan O’Hare for The New York Times

By Mitchell Ferman

DONNA, Tex. — Federal authorities have been struggling in recent months to accommodate the thousands of migrants arrested at the southern border, but what happens to them in the highly secure federal facilities along the border is often not known. Customs and Border Protection rarely invites outsiders in for a look.

Some images have emerged over the years: A large warehouse in the South Texas city of McAllen, where migrants wait, often in frigid temperatures, in chain-link holding areas; a crowded enclosure underneath a bridge in El Paso, Tex., where immigrants for several days in March slept on gravel littered with paper cups and potato chip bags.

The Border Patrol on Thursday provided a brief public look at its latest attempt to handle the migrant influx: a 40,000 square-foot tent encampment, built over the past 13 days just east of McAllen, to house newly arriving migrants in the Rio Grande Valley.

The tent camp was opening along with a similar temporary structure in El Paso, built at a combined cost of $36.9 million.

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