Headlines from Mexico

000-2Week of April 22-26

Bill to undo education reform passes in Mexico’s lower house

Mexico’s lower house has passed a measure that would overturn contentious elements of a 2013 education reform that was a key piece of legislation under then-president Enrique Peña Nieto. The bill would eliminate teacher evaluations and return some power to unions. It goes to the Senate, where President López Obrador’s allies have a majority.

FRANCE24, El Universal, Milenio


Peñafiel sparkling water accused of containing arsenic

Keurig Dr. Pepper stopped the production of Peñafiel soda in Mexico for two weeks, after a study by the Consumer Reports Organization warned that the Mexican mineral water contains high levels of arsenic. The suspension began on April 15 and, among the measures sought, improving filtration and reducing chemical levels are included.

Forbes México, Proceso, El Sol de México


Migration officers arrests hundreds in a massive raid

Central American migrants traveling through southern Mexico toward the U.S. fearfully recalled their frantic escape from the police, scuttling under barbed wire fences into pastures and then spending the night in the woods after hundreds were detained in a raid. In the Chiapas state town of Tonala, migrants flocked to one of the few places they felt they could be safe – the local Roman Catholic church.

Telemundo, Univisión, Associated Press


The incident between U.S. and Mexico soldiers escalates

Two U.S. soldiers made a routine tour near the southern border when Mexican soldiers intercepted and interrogated them and pointed their guns at them. At least, that’s Washington’s version of friction that occurred on April 13. The confusion escalated to a political conflict when President Trump threat to send more armed troops to the border.

BBC, El Economista, Milenio


Mexico becomes the U.S. largest trading partner

Mexico has now become the biggest U.S. trading partner, jumping ahead of Canada and China that have previously held the top spot, according to recent government data. Transactions with Mexico made up 15% of U.S. trade in February, according to federal data released last week, edging out Canada at 14.2% and China at 13.9%.

El Financiero, Forbes, The Hill


Minatitlán massacre prompts National Guard’s first operation

Gunmen burst into a party hall in southeastern Mexico on Friday and opened fire, killing at least 13 people, authorities said. The attackers raised a family party in the city of Minatitlán, Veracruz. Six men, five women, and a child were killed and four others were wounded, the state’s public security department said. President López Obrador later said that the National Guard’s first security operation would take place here.

El Sol de México, ADN Político, CNN


Outrage in Mexico over motion to ban sale of cold beer

A local lawmaker introduced a motion to ban the sale of the cold beverage in convenience stores. The motion – met with incredulity on social media –would modify Mexico City’s commerce laws to ban selling beer on beverages of 7% or less alcohol content, which are “refrigerated or in different conditions than the ambient temperature.”

CNN, El Universal, El Diario de México


Santa Lucia airport cost skyrockets over an unforeseen hill 

The estimated cost of the Santa Lucia International Airport in Mexico City project increased by 11.7% after a hill known as “Cerro de Paula” was not taken into account in the original plan, less than 10 kilometers from the southern runway. The new airport planning and development may have even bigger problems, including environmental considerations.

Reuters, El Economista, CNN





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