Headlines from Mexico


Week of April 8 – 12

1. Luis Rodríguez Bucio, the new National Guard leader

President López Obrador appointed a soon to be retired military officer to head the National Guard. The appointment of Rodriguez Bucio caused controversy because it is established that the National Guard must have a civil command. However, the president said that there was no ill intention in placing a military in the process of retirement at the command of the National Guard.

BBC, Milenio, El Universal


2. Stagnated dialogue between CNTE and authorities

After five hours, leaders of the National Union of Education Workers (CNTE), the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP), and the Chair of Education Committee of Congress, Adela Piña Bernal, failed to reach an agreement on the abrogation of the educational reform sought by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

El Economista, La Razón, La Jornada


3. Morena senator pushes Supreme Court of Justice reform

After Ricardo Monreal Ávila, leader of the Morena party in the Senate, proposed reforming the Mexican Supreme Court, he met with the president of the Supreme Court, Arturo Zaldívar, to review this proposal. The legal counselor of the Presidency, Julio Scherer and the counselor of the Federal Judiciary, Felipe Borrego, also attended the meeting.

ADN Político, El Financiero, El Sol de México


4. Michelle Bachelet: Violence in Mexico is war-like

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, said Tuesday that she was alarmed by the violence figures in Mexico, after signing a cooperation agreement with the government. The Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said it was “regrettable and sad” that this happened and blamed the “wrong policy” of the last governments.

CNN, El Sol de México, El Universal


5. AMLO commemorates Emiliano Zapata’s mournful centenary

President López Obrador led the ceremony for Emiliano Zapata’s mournful centenary in Cuernavaca, Morelos. Accompanied by his wife Beatriz Gutiérrez Muller, the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Olga Sánchez Cordero and Marcelo Ebrard, respectively, as well as the governor of the entity, Cuauhtémoc Blanco.

The Guardian, Milenio, Aristegui Noticias


6. Congress approves labor law

The Mexican Congress approved with 417 votes in favor, 29 abstentions, and one opposed, the ruling of reforms in labor matters with which buries the “Charrismo” union and opens the door to democracy in the election of the workers’ leadership through free, secret and direct vote while leaving out outsourcing.

Forbes, ADN Político, El Economista


7. Mexico and U.S. business leaders met in Yucatan Summit

Several Mexican government officials and business leaders met with their U.S. counterparts for a second day on Friday, as they sought to ratify a trade deal, namely the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), resolve border delays that are hurting exporters, and discuss metal tariffs.

Reuters, Milenio, Yucatan Expat Life

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