Headlines from Mexico


Week of April 1-5

1. #MeTooMúsicosMexicanos closes Twitter account after Vega-Gil’s suicide

The Twitter account #MeTooMúsicosMexicanos informed through a tweet that it decided to permanently close its platform. This account, like dozens more, was created in March to publish allegations of alleged abuse and sexual harassment in certain areas, in this particular case, in the musical space. The closing happened days after the suicide of Armando Vega-Gil, member of the band Botellita de Jerez, last Monday.

France 24, Excélsior, CNN


2. Fox & Friends’ “3 Mexican countries” goes viral

Sunday morning Fox & Friend’s applauded President Trump’s Saturday directive to cut aid to Central American countries by declaring, “Trump cuts aid U.S. aid to 3 Mexican countries.” The Fox News Network apologized for the headline.

Aristegui Noticias, Mashable, Excélsior


3. AMLO presents Cultural Project in Chapultepec, Mexico City

The federal government presented the cultural and environmental project that involved the former official residence of Los Pinos for its integration with the four sections of the Chapultepec forest, with the disincorporation of land from the Secretary of National Defense. A design that aims to integrate the eleven museums that already exist, the wooded and environmental spaces to turn it into one of the cultural and ecological centers of the world.

El Universal, La Jornada, El Sol de México


4. Labor reform is in fast track

To allow the entry into force of the T-MEC (USMCA), Congress will fast track the approval of the Labor Reform that requires all unions to guarantee their internal democracy. The decision was taken after Nancy Pelosi, leader of the House of Representatives of the United States, urged Mexico to approve this reform as a condition for the entry into force of the trade agreement. Mario Delgado, coordinator of the deputies of Morena, announced that it will be next week when it is approved.

El Heraldo de México, Noroeste, El Economista


5. A judge grants Congresspeople access to San Lazaro Palace

Judge Martín Adolfo Santos Pérez, head of the Eighth District Court on Administrative Matters, admitted the protection document proceeding filed by the coordinator of the PAN deputies, Juan Carlos Romero Hicks, with which he seeks to prevent the teachers of the Coordinating Committee National Education Workers (CNTE) block access to the San Lazaro legislative precinct.

MVS Noticias, Milenio, Excélsior


6. National Guard’s leader will be an active military officer

The president Andrés Manuel López Obrador revealed that the commander of the National Guard will be an active military man. During his morning conference, the Executive said that in the coming days the identity of who will be in charge of the National Guard will be announced.

Milenio, El Sol de México, Animal Político


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