Headlines of Mexico


Week of March 10 – March 15, 2019

President Lopez Obrador reaches his 100th day in office

On Monday, President Lopez Obrador officially crossed the 100-day mark in office. He has been a powerful figure since he won the election on July 2, to say the least. Most Mexicans seem to agree, giving their folksy man-of-the-people president stratospheric approval ratings. Some recent surveys put his support above 80 percent.

BBC, El Economista, The New York Times


Salvadorian President-elect Bukele arrives in Mexico

El Salvador’s President-elect Nayib Bukele arrived in Mexico where he met with President Lopez Obrador and Secretary of Foreign Relations Ebrard. Through his Twitter account, Mr. Bukele said that he talked about migration and purposed a migratory policy designed to reduce forced migration.

El Heraldo de México, Milenio, El Heraldo de Honduras


Central American migrants go missing in Tamaulipas State

Mexican authorities created a special commission to search for 19 Central American migrants that went missing as they were traveling in an allegedly federal police-escorted bus northward to the U.S. border through Tamaulipas State. Reports hypothesize that this could be due to criminal organizations or hiring private migrant smugglers known as “polleros.”

El Pais, BBC, El Espectador


Yasmin Esquivel Mossa is appointed Mexican Justice top officer  

The Mexican Senate appointed Yasmin Esquivel Mossa as the Minister of the Nation’s Supreme Court of Justice for a period of 15 years after two voting rounds where the majority of votes came from Morena party legislators. There is vast controversy surrounding this appointment particularly due to Ms. Esquivel Mossa’s proximity to President Lopez Obrador.

La Jornada, SDP Noticias, Excelsior


President Lopez Obrador denounces “black campaign” against him

The Financial Intelligence Unit’s leader Santiago Nieto announced that the Government will present a series of accusations against the alleged financing third parties of the series “Populism in Latin America”, which was released when President Lopez Obrador was a candidate.

ABC Noticias, Animal Politico, El Sol de México



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