Mexico to Try New Tactics in Search for Those Missing in Drug War

2/5/2019 – The New York Times

07-01-19-foto-06-conferencia-de-prensa-matutina-770x513MEXICO CITY — Mexican officials on Monday presented a new plan to search for the tens of thousands of people who have disappeared during the country’s drug war, creating a new forensic institute and working more closely with international groups and families.

The government estimates more than 40,000 people have gone missing in Mexico, and there are about 26,000 unidentified bodies in the forensic system, Alejandro Encinas, the undersecretary for human rights in the interior ministry, said during a news conference on Monday. Officials believe there are more than 1,100 hidden burial sites in the country, he added.

“Unfortunately, our territory has become a huge clandestine grave,” he said.

The plan to locate the missing was outlined by the government of Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who took office in December. During the campaign, Lopez Obrador presented a strategy that leaned heavily on “transitional justice” – which often involves leniency for those who admit guilt, as well as truth commissions to investigate atrocities and the granting of reparations for victims.

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