Headlines from Mexico


1. Manuel Barreiro Castañeda, an entrepreneur linked to presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya, is under investigation for money laundering. Barreiro Castañeda was involved in a real-estate transaction that sold one of Anaya’s properties. On Wednesday, the Office of the General Prosecutor (PGR) confirmed it received a complaint in October 2017. A federal judge prohibited the PGR from issuing an arrest warrant for Barreiro Castañeda until the investigation concludes.

Read more: Reforma, Excelsior, El Universal, Milenio

2. The National Electoral Institute (INE) has announced a solution that fast tracks the vote counting process. The Institute proposes to use an operations sheet (hoja de operaciones) that will record the following information for each precinct: election results, null votes, unused ballots, incidents, and any other relevant information. INE envisions that the fast-track vote will allow the Institute to predict a winner in the presidential race the same day of the election.

Read more: El Universal, Jornada, Excelsior, Milenio

3. The Energy Regulation Committee (CRE) observed uncompetitive practices from liquefied petroleum gas companies, and reported this to the Federal Comission on Economic Competitiveness (Cofece). The Cofece is now conducting an investigation, which has rendered “strong indication” of firm collusion to limit LPG supply, and in turn, manipulating prices.

Read more: El Economista, Expansion, Proceso, Excelsior

4. Three Italian men were detained by the local police in Tecatitlán, Jalisco on January 31, and were never heard from again. There is an ongoing search to find them, with the Tecatilán police as the main suspect.

Read more: El Financiero, Milenio, El Universal, Excelsior


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