Headlines from Mexico


1. Former fugitive governor of Mexico’s state of Veracruz, Javier Duarte, officially accepted his extradition from Guatemala in order to face corruption, embezzlement and organized crime charges back in Mexico. This was the first hearing that involved the first extradition request based on state charges; however, on July 4th a second hearing for another set of charges will take place in order to determine Duarte’s extradition to Mexico.

Read more: El Universal, Animal Politico, Reforma, Excelsior, El Economista 

2. The National Executive Committee of the PRD (Party of the Democratic Revolution) approved this week the formation of a democratic opposition front that will be headed towards next year’s presidential election. The National Action Party (PAN) and Morena are among the different parties that were invited to be part of this front that will try to prevent the PRI from winning in next year’s presidential election.

Read more: Milenio, El Financiero, El Universal, Excelsior

3. Pegasus, the spyware that was allegedly used to spy on Mexican journalists and activists, was bought and installed by the Office of the General Prosecution in Mexico. The Attorney General of the Republic, Arely Gómez, justified the use of the software by arguing that it was legally used to fight organized crime.

Read more: Milenio, Reforma, Expansión

4. The remains of Mexican journalist Salvador Adame, who was kidnapped on May 18th of this year, were found burned in the municipality of Gabriel Zamora in the state of Michoacán. The Attorney General of the state of Michoacán confirmed that the alleged perpetrator was identified as Feliciano Ledezma Ramírez, a leader of an organized crime cell in the Tierra Caliente region.

Read more: La Jornada, Animal Político Reforma, El Universal



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