Mexico to seek U.S. FBI’s help on government spying probe

6/26/2017 Reuters

FBISealMexico’s attorney general said on Monday it will request help from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to investigate accusations the administration of President Enrique Pena Nieto spied on private citizens.

Activists, human rights lawyers and journalists in Mexico filed a criminal complaint alleging their smartphones had been infected with spying software sold to the government to fight criminals and terrorists.

Pena Nieto called the charges “false” and asked the attorney general’s office to investigate.

“We will ask the FBI for help,” said Ricardo Sanchez of Mexico’s attorney general office, known locally as the PGR.

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One thought on “Mexico to seek U.S. FBI’s help on government spying probe

  1. Vaughn Rees

    Mexico purchased 3 units from a American/Isreal company called the purchase order came from their FlorIda office. The sale was processed thru a front company in Mexico City set up by a retired Federal official for $980 thousand dollars each. The purchase order stated that the unit could hack into the cell phone and would allow the operator to send messages from the users phone without their knowledge.


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