Mexico’s Emerging Oil Opportunities Are Great

6/18/2017 Forbes 

pena nieto wefWith state nationalism entrenched since 1938, Mexico changed its Constitution and de-regulated the energy sector in 2013. Mexico has subsequently installed perhaps the most comprehensive and complex energy rule changes in any nation, at any time: lifting strict state control over the oil/gas and electricity sectors, hoping for much more foreign investment.

Another Forbes must read here: “Booking Oil Reserves Is An “Attractive Incentive” For Foreign Companies In Mexico, Says U.S.”

This is no small challenge for a nation that has huge opportunities (explained here for oil), but also has a decades-long history of monopoly control and still ranks unacceptably bad in corruption (here). Mexico has the most free-trade agreements in the world, partnered with 44 countries. Forbes has ranked Mexico above all the BRIC nations for “best countries for business.”

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