Mexico City’s Mayor Calls For Carlos Slim, Other Mexican Billionaires To Influence NAFTA Talks

6/12/2017 Forbes 

miguel mancera
AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

What role should Mexico’s billionaires play in the upcoming renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the trade pact with Mexico and Canada that the Trump Administration has proposed be renegotiated?

Miguel Angel Mancera, Mexico City’s Mayor and a possible 2018 presidential contender, has called for the creation of a 12-member group of Mexico’s richest men to try to influence from the sidelines the remake of what Donald Trump has labeled “the worst trade deal” ever. Top on Mancera’s list is Carlos Slim Helú, México’s richest person.

“Slim told me that he was ready to participate, that he was interested,” Mancera told me last week when he visited Washington D.C. “I’m convinced we have to include this type of high level interlocutors and listen to their advice. Slim can call presidents, former presidents, top businessmen and politicians and they all take his call.”

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