Tiny border town that depends on neighbors in Mexico opposes wall

5/30/2017 Dallas News

33123649562_b7a786e3b4_k.jpgPRESIDIO —  In spring, when thunderstorms pop up and the power goes out in this tiny border town tucked in the Big Bend region of West Texas, there’s a simple solution. Turn to neighbors in Ojinaga, just across the Rio Grande.

“Somebody can flip a switch, so to speak, and we get Mexican power and vice versa,” said John Ferguson, Presidio’s newly re-elected mayor.

Presidio, population 3,460, and Ojinaga, five times larger, rely on each other for just about everything. Firefighters and ambulances go back and forth as needed, an agreement born out of the towns’ shared isolation. People also cross the international bridge connecting the two towns to visit relatives, shop, work or go to school, often daily. Most locals have documents or dual citizenship.

Most residents of the towns share a view that a border wall proposed by President Trump — a campaign promise aimed at illegal immigration — is unnecessary and would hinder their way of life.

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