Flake launches grassroots effort to back NAFTA as Trump reworks trade deal

5/31/2017 Phoenix Business Journal

Jeff FlakeU.S. Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., wants to hear from small business owners, entrepreneurs and everyday Arizonans about how the North American Free Trade Agreement has helped their jobs, careers and businesses.

The move comes as President Donald Trump reworks NAFTA with Mexico and Canada. Trump’s opposition to free trade deals helped him carry key Rust Belt states in the presidential race.

Flake — who didn’t back Trump — backs NAFTA and free trade deals and he wants to hear from everyday Arizonans on the issue. The effort is called NAFTA4AZ.

“If you’re an Arizonan who runs a family business, farms a field, works at a Fortune 500 company or even shops at the grocery store, odds are NAFTA’s had a positive economic impact on your life. While Arizona has much to gain from modernizing and strengthening NAFTA, it is important that the administration hears from Arizonans on cross-border trade’s critical role in supporting jobs, opportunity, and economic growth in our state,” said Flake. “The personal stories, ideas, and comments shared through NAFTA4AZ will be essential as the debate over NAFTA unfolds. With the future of our economy and so many Arizona jobs on the line, I urge Arizonans to take advantage of this opportunity to make their voices heard.”

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