Two indigenous brothers killed in Mexico amid rising violence

5/23/2017 Reuters

gun - crime sceneAuthorities in Mexico are investigating the murder of two indigenous brothers and sending a special team to a far-flung village to protect other members of the Huichol tribe, the governor of the state of Jalisco said on Monday.

The double homicide comes amid a resurgence in violence from warring drug cartels and follows a spate of unsolved killings of journalists and activists this year that has stirred concerns of broadening attacks.

“I’ll be watching for the report from the team sent as well as the results of the investigation. The Wirraritari can count on us,” Jalisco Governor Aristoteles Sandoval said on Twitter, using another name for the Huichol.

One of the brothers, Miguel Vazquez, was until a couple months ago, a Huichol leader tasked with defending 240,000 hectares (593,000 acres) of native land in Jalisco, according to the University of Guadalajara that once worked with him on a cultural program.

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