More Money, More Problems? Mexico Security Spending Jumps Amid Rising Violence

5/10/2017 InSight Crime

17-05-10-Mexico-SecurityMexico’s federal government reportedly spent 23 times more on public and national security than last year’s budget allowed, but there is no public information on where any of that money is going — or what kind of impact it’s having on rising levels of crime and violence.

Mexico’s Congress allotted the federal government just 796 million pesos (roughly $41.6 million) in 2016 for budget item 33701, which corresponds to “public and national security expenses.” But according to a report by Animal Político, government expenditures classified as 33701 surpassed 18.5 billion pesos — nearly $1 billion.

Although the government routinely outspends its mandated limit on security, 2016 was an outlier.

According to Animal Político, spending costs have far exceeded the congressional budget for “public and national security expenses” in every year since at least 2013, the first full year of President Enrique Peña Nieto’s term. In 2015, for example, Congress approved only $30 million for national and public safety items. The government spent over $446 million.

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